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"First the Red Sox sweep the World Series, and now this. As discussed in a previous thread, Jobst Brandt is still riding his lugged steel frame, but he now sports a unique threadless headset.

Says he:

""I had enough fretting stems, frozen (oxidized) un-removable stems and stupid head bearing adjustments. As you see on Sheldon's web page, I modified the old Shimano DuraAce head bearing to work with a new threadless fork and stem. That is what needs to be done by manufacturers. I am not sad to see the quill stem go away...""

See the photo at left:



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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Jobst goes threadless!

Some more detail and pics of the bike here:


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Way cool! Thanks for the link.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
It's a kluge


Nice photos. But I think that spacer thing on Jobst's headset looks pretty klugey. I'll stick to my Cinelli 1A and XA stems for now.


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