Unlisted A-ish ride (19/20; 58-62 mi.) this weekend

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  • Unlisted A-ish ride (19/20; 58-62 mi.) this weekend
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"I write this Wed. at 9PM. The forecast is for uncharacteristically balmy temperatures this weekend. That being the case, I'll lead one more ""last ride of the year.""

You know the route. It consists of these uphills: River Rd., Sneden's, (maybe Ash), Bradley, Tweed, and Eisenhower (and maybe Booth). You know my description of it: scenic, untrafficked, challenging. Well, that last is for me; it's not for you. That's because you can bike uphill; I can't.

Food stop: A mere, brief snack at the 32 mile mark.

Start: Boathouse at 9:30.

Check back Friday evening to learn whether this is a Saturday or a Sunday ride."

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m diczok (not verified)
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Rain is due Sat.; let's make this a Sun. ride. 9:30 (Read above)

Sunday is the sun day of the w/e.

See you at the Boathouse Sunday. 9:30. Put a rear view mirror on your bike to see your leader going uphill.

If you haven't discovered Eisenhower yet--the hill, not the president--you're especially welcomed.


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
We ride! Sunday. 9:30. A-ish. 19/20. Riv. Rd./Tweed/Ike Boathse

Not that I wish to detract from the greater club ride today, the Ct. Shoreline ride, but here's a different one. It'll be 61º at the 9:30 start; 71º at the 2-ish finish. I know, I know: it doesn't look twoish.

For one who is always bemoaning I'll be behind you on all the uphills--and I will--I'm ahead of you in one important respect: I'm already in mid-winter form.

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