cyclist slips on metal plate in grand view

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An Israeli resident, apparently not a NYCC member, slipped on River Road. He is suing each homeowner of the village of Grandview. This prompted an extremely strong anti-biking column in the Rockland Review (10/22) in which John Iurica wants each policeman personally fined for not issuing tickets to cyclists! I am planning to write a reply letter to the paper.

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Michael (not verified)
This John Iurica should get a job for Fox News

To fine the police for not issuing tickets he'd have to prove that the police noticed an offense and ignored it. And the rule is single file, cyclists are allowed on those roads so there is little basis to do anything

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Heath (not verified)
Can anyone post the artice?

Can anyone post the artice?

I am confused how someone can sue people because they slipped? Wouldn't he have to prove negligence on the part of the entire town? Doesn't anyone take responsibilty for their own actions anymore?

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