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"Not that I plan on not riding out doors, but is there a training option that is the ""best""

Spin bikes vs. road bike on a trainer vs. road bike on rollers.

I really like climbing. For me, spin bikes have not helped my climbing. Is there an indoor option that is best suited to improve climbing? Sprinting? Distance?"

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Alan Resnick (not verified)

Basically-if you have option of all three(plus riding outside when possible)all three are useful!! Rollers help with smoothing out your style-and without a resistance unit are a good easy workout-but with the ridng style/smoothness benefit.
Spin bikes-most spin instructors are- DUH--never spin at rpm over let say around 130-mostly around 100 is good as-they have that 40lb flywheel-so 100 equals around 90 on your bike--when you stand-for your hill workout go up on resistance and drop your rpms to around 80-what most of us go up hills at-a spin bike can be a good workout-you can EVEN use it for RACE training(if you wanted to/or do race) And bike on a trainer-watch your favorite TV show or rent a video-no risk of falling like on rollers-and vary your training to keep from going batty---lets hope for a better winter than last year!!! Alan

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David Regen (not verified)
losing weight is the best ticket (climbing stairs helps too)

I have found climbing stairs to use a very similar set of muscles as climbing a hill on a bike. Just walking is fine. And it burns up calories too. Part of my winter routine is to climb the stairs of my building (all 15 floors) at least once a day.

I have yet to find a cycling training method that makes me a strong hill climber over winter. I usually concentrate on aerobic capacity and now, losing weight. Most of us put on weight in the winter months (this dates back to pre-historic times). Most of us couldn't make our bikes 5-6 lbs. lighter, yet 5-6 lbs. off our stomachs would make all of us faster up those hills.

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