B17 Bedford/Greenwich Ride Leaves at 9am Saturday

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  • B17 Bedford/Greenwich Ride Leaves at 9am Saturday
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A quick point of clarification. The B17 version of this Saturday's Fall Foliage Bedford/Greenwich ride will leave from the Boathouse at 9:00, not 8:30. The B15 version of the same ride leaves from the boathouse at 8:30.

See you Saturday!

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Scott (not verified)

The home page does not mention it and I did not get the weekly e-mail... does this ride require a train pass?

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Ivy (not verified)

Metro North home from Greenwich.

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Sally (not verified)
from the ride listing:

"B17 60 miles 09:00 AM
    Fall Foliage Ride Series: Bedford/Greenwich
  Leaders: Wayne Wright, [email protected], 212-873-7103; Sally Cressey, [email protected]; Peter Matusewitch, [email protected]t, 718-832-1550
    From: Central Park Boathouse
    Another beauty of a route to finish off our foliage ride series. Expect lots of rolling hills, and some short stretches of hard-packed, skinny-tire-navigable dirt roads. Lunch on the green in Bedford Village. We'll catch the 3:39 bike train back to the city from Greenwich. Train passes, helmets and smile please."

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Carol (not verified)

It's 45 miles to the lunch stop, with one quick snack stop along the way, so bring pocket food.

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