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The Back Page is a really nice sports bar on Third Ave. in the low eighties. Food is good and I'm sure it'll be fun. Games 1 and 2 are Sat. and Sun. at 7.30.

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Chris T (not verified)
Looking for fellow Red Sox Fans? (nm)
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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

There must be some Red Sox fans in this club. Must be some members who went to school in Boston and like the Sox.

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Robert (not verified)
native sons

If Houston wins tonight it will be Massachusetts v. Texas.
sounds familiar. spooky.

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Michael (not verified)
Oh g-d hadn't thought of that

I was planning to avoid the series and root against Boston (whoever they play)... but now I'll have to cheer for Mass-a-chew-sets

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Yogi (not verified)
What happend?

Geeez, what a shame about the Yankees having the worst post season collapse in Baseball history.

Maybe they didn't spend enough money this year.

Go Cardinals

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Chris T (not verified)
It couldn't have happened to a nicer Franchise

"The Yankees dug the Red Sox grave in three days. Then, after having the last rites read for the R-Sox, and the funeral director called, the Red Sox said to the Yankees:

""You know, you have done such a nice job, you should see how it looks from our perspective before you start shoveling"".

Flattered, the Yankees slid in, looked around, saw that the sides were dug smooth and consistent.. Then they lied down to see how it fit. Then they got a cramp, and could not get up. Four days later, they choked to death, and the Red Sox took up the heavy burden of shoveling the dirt.

Realizing that they still had work to do in Red Sox Nation to reverse all curses, the Red Sox invited the Mets fans to take up the duty of dancing on the Yankees 2004 Grave.
The grateful Met fans bicycled over to take up the task. This was their first happy moment since the July organizational kool aid day when they traded a 20 year old Lefty with a 96 MPH fastball for a 29 year old with arm trouble. Brilliant!

Condolensces to all Yankee fans. It was a brutal result, it will be a tough winter, but I suspect you will be in the hunt for future pennants next year. We of the orange and blue are looking for a winning season"

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Chris T (not verified)
Meet me at Mickey Mantle's..uh Ted Williams
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fred steinberg (not verified)
National League Fan - real baseball

Maybe there are some National League Fans who will root for the Cards, who play real (DH-free) baseball which requires the manager to use all of his brain?

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Carol (not verified)
Go Brooklyn!

"I'm with you, Fred. Having grown up a Brooklyn Dodger fan, I can NEVER root for the Yankees, and I'm strictly a National League fan. Much more interesting game without the DH. I feel a Mets season coming on (or am I beginning to sound like a Cubs fan...""there's always next year"")."

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George Arcarola (not verified)

As much as I'll miss seeing the Yankees in the Series, I'm happy that the Cardinals are playing. My first memories of the game naturally came from watching with my Dad, a lifelong Cards fan from the days of Stan the Man. I agree with Fred, the DH-less National League makes for stategies that the AL has eliminated. So... for my Dad (and me too)... GO CARDINALS!!!

See you on the road,

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

I viewed the crosslink about the renaming of Mickey Mantle's Bar to Ted Williams.

Are you planning to view Games 1 and 2 there, seriously?

The Back Page is really good, with reasonably priced food and a huge screen as well as several elevated TV screens. I think it's better for short people like myself who have to crane their necks in crowds to see stuff like this.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Sorry, without the Yankees there is no World Series this year.

Tyler doping..Yankees choking..just not a good year for the fans.

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