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To All Concerned,

I recently received what looks to be spam sent by someone named Tracie Oehler marketing a product called Crotchguard. She says that she got my e-mail from scanning the NYCC message board and found that I had posted a question about saddles sores (actually it was a question about chamois cream). I don't know if she is a NYCC member or not, but I find it disturbing that I am receiving spam because of my participation on this message board. Is there anyway to prevent this? Thanks.

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Paul E (not verified)

don't put your real email address in the subject

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E. To. Ainshrdlu (not verified)
Is it really spam, or just rejected nourishment?

"If you raise a question relating to a problem with your nether parts, and you get back an e-mail suggesting a product that tries to solve your problem, this is not spam. You have merely received a suggestion from someone (marketer or not) who seeks to help reduce your affliction.

Spam is an e-mailing to a mass audience, whether they are likely have an interest in what the mailer is offering or not. It's fair to say you don't want to receive any unsolicited e-mail whatsoever, but then you should not solicit advice in a public forum.

Direct Marketers, I am told, have a saying that ""Junk mail is mail addressed to the wrong person.""

And in Montenegro we have a saying, ""If you open your mouth, do not be surprised when a fly lands on your tongue.""

Your Pal,

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Nathan (not verified)

I don't get it? You ask a question on this board, someone emails you a reply and you got upset. Maybe I'm missing something.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Yet more spam

"I just received a piece of libelous garbage from an address listed as ""[email protected]"" It begins, ""Please show you support for John Edwards so that we can restore the glory of the Socialist state"" and goes on (and on) to eventually give the Web address

It reminded me of an earlier post that gave the same Web link. ( This crank is evidently lurking on the message board, possibly even a member since he/she seems acquainted with at least some people in the club. (Upon whom I cast no aspersions.)

I have set my computer to delete further messages from this moron, who doesn't even have the brains to use the spell check."

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