Flat TT course?

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Could anyone offer suggestions for the flattest (15 or so mi) time trial course in the area? Little traffic, stop signs/lights, smooth road, and wind protection would be plusses... I looked through the ride library, but being new to the area, I didn't get very far.

Many thanks!

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Chris T (not verified)
Two choices

Local = Floyd Bennett Field. I don't know the length of the old runways, but a few laps should get you 15 miles.
totally flat, no lights, little traffic. Since it's by the ocean, a breeze is always there.

Jersey => Sandy Hook. From the entrence to the Nike missle is about 5 miles one way. Also totally flat, no traffic controls, minimal traffic fall, winter & spring.
Not close by, and also breezy since it parralels the Atlantic.

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Lucy's mom (not verified)

You're making a difficult request. Flat roads generally offer less protection from the wind.

If you want flat, go to Floyd Bennett Field. However, it's usually quite windy, the pavement sucks, and I don't know what the traffic is like when there aren't races.

My recommendation, 9W or Central Park, if you get out at sunrise. There's nothing more annoying than some a**hole doing his TT workout on the park drive on a Saturday afternoon.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Central Park at 5.00am on a weekend day seems to be the best bet to me. If you want it to be really flat, take the 107th St. cutoff.

Planter's Nut,
- Christian

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Nathan (not verified)

Best place I can think of is Flushing Meadow Park. I beleave it's a 2.6 mile loop. It is pretty flat with almost no traffic(this time of year). I see alot of other time trialist out there so I guess I'm not the only one to think its a good spot.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Cross Bay Blvd

On the map it looks to be ~3.5 to 4 miles of stupefyingly flat and boring road between Howard Beach and the Cross Bay Bridge. Two round trips and you're done.

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Chris T (not verified)
"4 other ""options"""

Good catch Evan. I was thinking about Cross Bay Blvd, but forgot to put it in the previous post.

Central PArk has almost no flat. A good technical course.

how does prospect park rate?

There's always the Kissena Velodrome, if you want to do 60 laps :)

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Prospect Park

"The outer loop is 3.4 miles around, with one uphill and one downhill to speak of. The climb is gentler than Harlem hill in Central Park, and there are no corresponding insult-to-injury follow-ons. There's plenty of room during closed-to-traffic hours.

If you ride the outer loop and the middle loop as a single lap, the distance is a smidgen under five miles (like 4.93). For the moment, however, I'd avoid taking the inner loop at speed: there's some serious sand/gravel at (and just after) the hairpin at the foot of the ""big"" downhill, and some wet leaves/compost a little ways past the left turn back onto the middle loop (at the carousel and before the ""big"" uphill).


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JP (not verified)
Cross Bay

Cross Bay Blvd. just begs for you to hammer. It is about 4 miles, with a bike lane and 3 lanes of traffic in each direction. And pancake flat.

Words of caution: 1. It is a causeway and as such is subject to potholes and sinkers. A pothole there can grow from a crack to a wheel-eater, maybe even a frame-eater. Be alert. 2. It does seem sleepy and has little traffic, but the Blvd itself can see cars speeding. And remember you are still riding on city streets - quiet, but side streets have cars popping out, double-parked cars and other vehicular obstacles. 3.. You are heading south towards the Ocean and there is usually a head wind that way.

Also, there is a deli at the end before the bridge on the east side - but no bathroom. There maybe bathrooms/port-o-sans the beginning on the west side in the first parking area.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Bronx river Parkway

...those summer (and maybe spring) Sundays it is closed to traffic. Boringly flat. Protected from wind. Up and back is 15 mi. Please don't hit the children.

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Edwin Hadi (not verified)

thanks everyone for all the replies!

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