Fall Foliage Ride B 16/17 Next Saturday 10/23

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Trees should be at peak in the lower Hudson Valley next weekend.


Looking to put a group together for a morning train ride to Garrison and a meandering ride back through Seven Lakes Drive. This will be about 60 - 70 miles in total at a mid B pace. Please be able to keep 16/17 for that distance. Hammers are welcome, we'll wave goodbye at the train.

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amy (not verified)

what time will you be leaving and expect to be back in NYC?

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Michael (not verified)
The 8:51 train

Lets meet in Grand Central at the info booth at 8:40 for the 8:51 Hudson Line Train to Garrison, we'd start riding at 10, will give the day a chance to warm up a bit. Back in the city at 3 or so. We Upper Westies can group up and ride to GCT together (in front of the bagel store where we can provision for the train)

I like train out better than train back so you never get stuck on the platform having just missed a train by 10 minutes... and if we meet the rare Metro North conductor in a bad mood we don't get stuck at the wrong end of the ride.

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Michael (not verified)
bump (nm)
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