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Anyone interested in a Saturday A ride, 18 - 20? About 60 miles starting at 8:00 from the Boathouse, River Road, Nyack maybe? Looking to get back to City by early afternoon.

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Osh (not verified)

I'll pitch up at 8. My reply is a bit late, if you're there, great, if not I'll do some laps of the park.
I'll be on 917 8217581 if anyone's up for it.

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Llewellyn Connolly (not verified)

would be interested if it were on sunday

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Sonny Bindra (not verified)
Can't Do

Sorry, can't do. Doing the MS ride on Sunday.

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Ori (not verified)
75-80 miles, Boathouse-Bear Mt.-Cold Spring

I'm planning on departing from the boathouse around 9:00 AM. Meet me there if you're interested.

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