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Do any cyclists here live in Jersey City? Or has anyone from the club led rides from the GWB to JC? I like the neighborhood and would be interested in moving there, except I'm afraid I'd never ride my bike again, because the entire town looks rimmed with fast moving traffic. I need a good route from JC to the GWB so I can do training rides north on 9W. A friend told me she commutes on River Road, but when I drove it, it looks very congested, with no shoulders. I would also like a route where I could leave JC and strike east or south and do 40--50 miles in the morning. Is this possible? People have told me I can cycle in Liberty State Park, but I'm not looking for a boardwalk ride. I race and I'm looking for serious routes where I can get in a long, good workout. Is this possible from Jersey City? Thanks.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)

"Cycling in Jersey City and Hudson county aint all that bad. I find it less stressful than riding in NY.

Check out the ride library for a route from the GWB to JC. That is just one of a few alernative routes.

Liberty State Park is quite nice. I get a better workout there than Central Park. Some may find it boring, but I like the variety of smooth pavement, motorpacing cars/busses, crosswinds, NYC skyline, Statue of Liberty/Elis island and the longest stretch of pave you'll find anywhere in the tristate area. Please don't tell anyone of this best kept secret. ;-)


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fendergal (not verified)

I've occasionally ridden from the bridge to JC. My route is simple: just go down River Road as far south as possible. Bear right when River Road splits (south of the giant ferry terminal), and turn left on JFK Blvd East. Go past the Lincoln Tunnel and cross the overpass/bridge into Hoboken. Turn left at 14th Street, then right on Garden Street (one block west of Washington), and take that till it ends (due to the rails). Turn right, and turn left at the four- or five-way intersection (there's a firehouse at one corner, I believe). Go past the coffee company (smell the roasting coffee beans). Turn left at the next light.

This brings you out near the Pavonia Newport Mall.

River Road is fine in the late morning and other off-peak times, but the lack of a shoulder makes it lousy for rush-hour riding. Plus there's that big hill just south of the bridge.

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Pinocio (not verified)
Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is nice indeed. I live in Jersey City and take a ride in the evening with my wife.

Just take a Grand Street and then a small pedestrian bridge to the park.

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