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"RoadBikeRider.com Newsletter
Issue No. 165 - 10/14/04: Interbike '04
ISSN 1536-4143

Kenda ""Klondike"" K946 and K1014 Studded Snow Tires
Sure we're roadies, but for lots of us in winter our
favorite macadam might look like a bobsled run. How can
we keep riding when every turn is a slippery adventure?
Easy! Mount studded snow tires for safe traction on the
worst skating-rink roads. Kenda's 26x1.95-inch studded
Klondike fits on any mountain bike for tough winter
riding conditions. Or if you have a road bike with
sufficient frame clearance, go for the 700x40C road
version. These aren't lightweights at 995 and 925
grams, respectively, but when the roads glisten with a
layer of ice or packed snow, these tires will be the
best $60 (apiece) you ever spent. Too new for website.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Required reading:


Be sure to check out the stud hardness article (http://www.icebike.org/Equipment/StudQuality.htm) and note that Kenda manufactures Nashbar's studded tires.

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John Z (not verified)
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