Road Hazards

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"When: Thursday Night about 10:10 p.m.
Where: 44th Street, 3rd Avenue
What: a steel street cover plate, protruding abour 3 inches above road grade
Who: Yours truly

So, I made the 42nd St light on a run from 34th Street. Watching traffic ahead for an opening in the nightly sea of yellow. Cranking hard at around 20 mph. Passed the last yellow cab and pulled back to the left. Brushed a steel road plate on my right. Destabilised. Steering snapped to the right. Rolling the tire off the front rim, did a ""Beloki"" off the left side of the bike.

Post mortem:
Cat Scan of head: negative - nothing found
X-ray: Minimal - possible hairline fracture to left clavicle
Helmet: Impact compression left side. Helmet integrity compromised by 3 structural cracks.
Personal Injury: Muscular pain in left shoulder, muscular trauma to right thumb. Multiple abrasions (more road rash - ""temporary tattoos"")
Bike: Blown front tube - repaired at hospital
Time spent in NY Hospital ER: 6 hours
How I got home: I rode, of course.

Lessons Learned: Watch Everything! I was concentrating on traffic and missed seeing the road repair plate.

Be careful out there. It gets late early around here this time of year.

And I am very fortunate to have escaped more serious damage.

I love to ride. Wish I could be alert enough to see everything."

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Chris T (not verified)
Take care of yourself


Thank goodness you walked away. hope everything heals quickly.

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Russ Berman (not verified)

You're a stout and gritty fella, Peter. It scares me to read about stuff like this. Glad you walked away. Feel better quick. Russ

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no Spam (not verified)
Cat Scan

CAT Scan of your head found nothing or no injury??

Feel better, good to hear you rode away from the hospital at least.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
I got back on the bike, so my head may be empty :-) (nm)
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Peter Storey (not verified)
Probably a potassium deficiency

Have a banana. You'll feel better.

Seriously, I'm glad it wasn't worse. Beyond your body, your good cheer seems mostly intact. Heal well.


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JP (not verified)

"Glad you are OK for the most part. Heal quickly - or else :-)

Did your bananas turn to mush?

Ok, and stop reading Tyler Hamilton's new book, ""Safe Riding Made Easy"" -"

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Good wishes from me too

You are very brave to be riding around at 20 mph at 10 at night! That sucks but it does sound, with all the traffic, as though it could have been much worse. Thanks for the warning about the plate (although I always ride down 46th St. and make a right on 2nd to get home and might never be where you were).

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Upright Guy (not verified)
Nice job!

Two words for you: bunnyhop.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

bummer. peter, this sounds like a re-run of an event just about 1 yr. ago.
if memory serves me right, i vaguely remember spending 6 hrs at the hospital with you in new haven.
you are not planning on making this an annual event , as an excuse to but a new helmet... are you?
hope you are feeling better and glad that there was nothing in your head.
p.s. i guess you get the first banana

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Team Phonak Recruiting

Sorry to here about your accident Peter the banannas must of cushioned the blow. Sounds quite similar to my River Road mishap now were both on the DL, possibly we can get on the Phonak Team.

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