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Hello All,

My wife and I wanted to try apple picking upstate -- this would be her first trip to the back country of new york state.

Since we don't own a car, I am researching doing a Metro North/bike ride trip, returning with as many apples or apple products as we can carry. she is -- so far, at least -- not a distance cyclist, so I was looking for an orchard or two that are within five to seven miles from a Metro North station.

anyone have any recommendations?

thanks all,

john m.

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Chris T (not verified)
Good Luck

"John Z's recent Putnam Pain ride does go past an apple orchard, but even if you start in Cold Spring, you have at least ten miles one way, plus some climbing to get there.

I remember as a kid picking friut in Wingdale, NY, which is way up on the Harlem line, but I don't know if those farms still exist. Once upon a time, there were apple orchards not far from stations on the Hudson Line. They are now subdivisions. No offense, but I would not call any place south of Albany ""backcountry""

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steve_r (not verified)
Apple Picking


Wilkens Fruit Farm in Yorktown Heights, Northern Westchester County might be a good choice for apple picking. FYI, I live nearby the farm and its alive and well and filled right now with apple pickers.

I would take Metro North to the Croton Harmon train station on the Hudson Line. From the Croton on Hudson station it would be about a hilly 10 mile ride. The area is filled with great rides around all the NYC reservoirs.

Let me know if you need any additional information or directions. I could also get you some route sheets from the Westchester Cycle Club where I am also a member.


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m mondre (not verified)
great apple picking

Check out I take my kids there every year, I drive, but my husband rides. It's straight up 9W in Congers NY. there are directions on the website and if you call I'm sure you can take a train somewhere close by. I am going tomorrow, so if you want to ride your bicycle and you're coming back to NYC e-mail me at and I'll be more than happy to drive your apples back to NYC

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