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I can use mapquest to get a general idea of the mileage, but it always puts you on highways. Is there a mapping program that will give me door to door directions that will put me on bike friendly roads.

I am trying to get from the GWB to Chatham NJ.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

I am not aware of a mapping program that actually denotes bike friendly routes. You can look through routes in the Ride Library to get you closer to where you want to go. Next, you should look over maps, such as Hagstrom, for secondary roads. After you have determined a route you will need distances. I use National Geographic Topo! for this. But to do so one must use a tracing tool, then transfer the data manually. Others use Delorme's Topo which will do the route, math and map for you. But you must bend it to your will as, like MapQuest, it has a penchant for direct line auto friendly routes. Ideally you are better off scouting the route beforehand.

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Scott (not verified)
Maps On Us

Lets you choose route preference (fastest, shortest, favor major highways, avoid major highways).

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David (not verified)
GWB to Chatham

My first suggestion would be to simply take NJ Transit Midtown direct which brings you right to the middle of Chatham. Then you could take a nice 40+/- ride through the Great Swamp and Jockey Hollow. The first is a National Wildlife preserve and the second is a National Historic park.

If you are set on the adventure I found this cue sheet which actually goes from the GWB to Dingman's Ferry at the Delaware River.

Just follow it through to Franklin Lakes (Rt 202) but then continue south on 202 into Morristown which I'll guess is around 20 miles and then go east on South St/Madison Ave/Main St.

If you want more details; drop me a note.


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janet s. (not verified)
new route

Is there a bike route, around 50 or so miles, starting in Queens? I'm looking for something comparable to the ride from NYC to Piermont/Nyack, with minimal traffic.

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