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Does anyone happen to have a photo of a sign disallowing bicycling on the Gil Hodges Marine Parkway Bridge? If so, if you could post and provide a url, or send to [email protected] by end of day Wednesday, I would appreciate it.

(I wrote a letter to the Times City section in response to the article this past Sunday, which named the bridge as a great route but did not mention the technicality that bicycling is not allowed there. The Times has asked me to provide documentation of this rule. I have found written documentation, but a photo of the horrible sign would be even better.)

who bikes over the bridge as often as possible

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Chris T. (not verified)
Stick the Dismount

Technically, you have to walk the bike over the bridge.
I dismount at the toll booth, walk awhile, scan for police, then remount and ride.

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Maggie (not verified)
are you sure?

I've only ridden over that bridge a few times but never saw any such sign, DID see other people on bikes on the bridge AND the bridge is in GREEN on the NYC dept. of transportation bike map-- indicating it's an 'official' bikeway. You do mean the bridge to Rockaway yes?

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Tony M. (not verified)
Marine Pkway Bridge

"There is definetly a sign indicating that cyclist must walk their bikes over the bridge.I never do ,and never been harassed,so do so many other cyclist using the bridge.But of course should the long reach of the law want to make an issue of it,I suppose we could be ""fined"". I suspect it's a safety issue, or so they might claim,since pedestrians and cyclist share the bridge and the space is not as wide as one would like it to be. the sign is located on the Bklyn Side, just past the toll booths.( there might even be another sign on the Queens side as well,it's been a while since I visited the bridge.The sign asks cyclist to dismount and walk.Now if we could do something about the ""dangerous"" conditions on the Belt Pkway bike path. a few sections over the bridges are w/out guards and cars are zipping by a few feet away.And the pavement is miserable to say the least. I shiver when I take the kids there.I'm surprised the DOT has not recognized this hazard. Otherwise the bike path is great ,from Sheepshead bay to Canarsie Pier. Ciao Tony"

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Peter Storey (not verified)
As I do, not as I say.

"The entry for the Gil Hodges/Marine Park Bridge in TA's Bridge Crossing Guide (which is desperately in need of an updating!) contains this statement:

""Like all MTA bridges, bicyclists are technically required to walk their bikes across the span. Yet in practice this is rarely followed.""

This comports with my recollection of the Marine Park, the Cross Bay and the Triborough. The fourth MTA bridge that has a bike/ped path is the Henry Hudson (the high arch at Spuyten Duyvil). Anyone know the scoop on that one?"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
HH Bridge

The last time I drove past there (Memorial Day weekend) I took a good look - the gate at the Riverdale end was closed and locked.

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Chris T (not verified)
No Path on Manhattan side of HH

a couple of year ago i took the walkway across the Henry Hudson bridge with the bike from Riverdale. When you cross the bride, you enter Inwood Park. It's practically Mountain bike terrain. Somehow, I bushwack my way through the woods and found Manhattan's streets before I found the Railroad or Harlem River. I don't know where I emerged.

So go for the Broadway Bridge.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
In other words...

it *is* MTB terrain.

I did it once from the Manhattan side on a MTB, found the ped/bike entrance to the bridge by trial and error though you can find it on a map of Inwood Park. You could do it on a cross bike.

A few years later I brought two unsuspecting fools on road bikes (you know who you are) home from Westchester/Riverdale that way (downhill all the way) and it was MUCH more overgrown - they're probably still cursing me out.

NOT recommended ... LOL.

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JP (not verified)
The Marine Park Bridge and the B/Q Greenway in general

"The Marine Park Bridge – basically, Flatbush Ave into Rockaway/Riis.

There are signs at either end saying cyclists must walk. I have seen and ignored both many times. But, but, take heed. This is a dangerous bridge:
1. It is 2 way, cycle/ped/blade and narrow.
2. The bridge path is on the western side, while the bike path along Flatbush is on the eastern side then switches to the west– you have to cross all of Flatbush four times.
3. The bridge path in Rockaway drops you off at the end of the bridge exit ramp/highway to Breezy Point. Dangerous.
4. Fourth, there is no cut curb in Rockaway for cycles.
5. The bridge path seems like a construction after-thought, as if it were paper-clipped on. It shakes and vibrates a whole lot – and at a different frequency, it seems, than the car roadway. And there are stiff crosswinds across the inlet, sometimes very gusty. Nasty.

Worse, though, are the bridges on the greenway east of Flatbush, towards Canarsie Pier. 2 have no guard rails. Yes, you cross a bridge with broken metal and makeshift wooden flooring and 2 feet away, with just a curb, is the Belt traffic at 60+ mph!! Add to this that whenever it rains, pools form. And when the pools dry, there is either a roadway sandbar or stretch of broken seashells. Yikes. Then, you make it to Penn Ave and you can continue on the greenway, if you carry your bike for about 100 yards through mud/dirt.

Such a beautiful ride, pretty, seashore, areas where you can hammer … and then those dangers.

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Zac Fisher (not verified)

Back in the old days (yes I'm getting old), the Marine Park bridge did not have any guard rail on the road side. It was a one to two foot drop from the path onto the road, and there is barely room for two bikes to pass each other and it used to get crowded. I used to ride it regularly to Riis Park as a teenager without the cash to take the bus.

As for the Belt Parkway, it has always been a mess. One question I have: Does it go through from Rockaway Pkway to Howard Beach anymore? I haven't rode it in 25 years, but I go by all the time in my car and I don't see the path next to the dump.

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JP (not verified)
B Q pathway

It used to be you had to travel east until Pennsylvania Ave then take the streets to Cross Bay Blvd. Now, the path continues east after Penn, with that one area of about 100 yards where you must carry or walk your bike. The path goes to Cross Bay, but I get off at Sapphire or 157 and take the side roads to the first Cross Bay Bridge, Addabbo Bridge, and to Vet Mem Bridge.

Cross Bay, between Addabbo Bridge and Vet Bridge is about 4 miles, flat and you can really get rid of the cob webs there. Once in R'away, you can head west and home or east to Long Beach or Point Lookout.

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