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Am I correct that I should take the train to Manitou. Ride South on 9D and cross the Bear Mountain Bridge. Then go south on 202 which turns into 9W all the way back to the city.

According to a Bear mountain cue sheet, it is about 18miles from the Bear Mountain Inn to Nyack. Then about another 24 to the bridge. Looking to ride about 50 miles.

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Heath (not verified)
Train Schedule

I downloaded the train schedule on-line. It shows stops in Garrison, but not the Manitou stop. Does the Hudson line ever stop in Mannitou.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Train schedule

The train stops more frequently at Garrison. That's your best bet if it doesn't stop at Manitou.

Surely you can find a more interesting return trip in the Ride Library than 9W. Or you might consider a route cycling up then taking the train back.

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Robert Gray (not verified)

One train a day stops at Manitou. It is a tiny station and they open one door on the train.
They do not like to handle bikes for that stop.
I can give you a good route to ride there through Bergen County.
I may do a ride to Bear and Garrison tomorrow.

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el jefe (not verified)
Gone hiking

"The Manitou and Breakneck Ridge stops on MetroNorth are for hikers. There is no ""station"". On weekends, there are two northbound trains that stop there -- the 7:51 and 8:51am trains from GCT. There are two southbound trains that stop there in the late afternoon. On weekdays there is only one train per day that stops at each station. If you do plan on getting off at one of those stations you MUST tell the conductor before you board at GCT so that he'll put you on the correct car."

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