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"Record explains itself (though, in Italian, isn't a sporting record ""un annotazione?""). Centaur suggests strength. Veloce's a speedy label for a budget-minded group. I would hope that Mirage's virtues don't disappear on close inspection. But does anyone know why Campagnolo's second-tier group is called Chorus?"

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B. Dale (not verified)

"Hi Adam-

(I'm really procrastinating today)

""Campagnolo's official publication exults, ""The Chorus equipment performs as if it were on a stage singing in unison."" Whether the name was chosen to reflect this image, or whether the metaphor was called to mind by the name is not known to us . . . ""


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Adam Pollock (not verified)
what do you expect from an opera...

It would be something operatic. The Greekness of Centaur (ex-Athena) had me thinking of Chorus as the componentry of the charging, vengant peloton, as they chase down the race-leading protagonist with his Record, close enough to comment on his fate, but too distant to affect it.

Right there with you on the procrastination thing.

- Adam

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