VERY pleased with Piermont Bicycle Connection (2 locations)

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Needed 3 repairs while on a ride--asked them if they could do them while I ate lunch..all 3 were done perfectly and without my asking the bike was delivered to me at the gazebo before I got to dessert.

Brought my bike in at 4 PM Sunday and told them I needed it repaired by Monday AM for a ride. They immediately repaired it within 15-20 mins.

Compared to the customer treatment we received during our recent move from a variety of businesses, these shops are head & shoulders better!

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Chaim (not verified)
I Agree

I agree. The folks at the Piermont shop are the nicest and most competent people you could ask for. It's a great shop.

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Douglas Kalb (not verified)
Another vote for Piermont

I've also had great experiences with repairs at BOTH LOCATIONS of Piermont. For those who don't know their 2nd location, it's in Tenafly, about 5 miles from the GW Bridge, near the Clinton climb up to 9W.

I've had an emergency repair done in Tenafly; while there are places to eat within a moments walk, I didn't have time to eat because the repair was done immediately...& it was done correctly, at a reasonable price! The manager, Jason, is very knowledgeable & helpful -- I've made the shop a regular stop on my rides, along with the Piermont location.

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bill (not verified)

Is the tenefly store as large as the piermont one? They've been very nice to me on many occasions. They have a great selection. I'd definately consider buying a bike from them.

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Ed (not verified)
Piermont bike shop

Over the years I have had minimal contact with the shop, but it's always been good. But recently a friend broke his chain and the bad link backed into the derailleur, bent the derailleur hanger and pushed it into the spokes. It 'looked' bad, and we took a taxi to the shop. The young guy who seemed to be in charge told my inexperienced friend that the bike appeared to be totaled. That assessment seemed a bit extreme given that it was a steel bike. We brought the bike to Larry and Jeff's and they said that Binachi would have laughed at that assessment. As the bike was steel, they bent it back into shape. I felt that the shop was trying to hustle my friend into buying another bike?

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Another happy customer - excellent service

"I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and made my way up to Piermont by bicycle. I stopped inside Piermont bicycles and told the man behind the register that my nubs needed to be replaced. I'm bet he was sure glad to see me.


Background detail, in boring detail: I needed a new set of Ultegra shifter dust caps (""nubs""). I experienced a minor biff a few days earlier and the 1st-point-of-contact dust caps look as though they had been placed in a sander.

Sure, at first it's a cosmetic issue, but for someone who spends alot of time riding the hoods, the now abrassive caps are a bit uncomfortable, too. Besides, it was a good excuse as any to finally replace those well-known rattling
Ultegra shifter caps. Them caps can drive a sane man #@!$ crazy. No joke!


Anyway, I was quite surprised to find that they had new nubs in stock! Both for the left & right, two distinct parts. No special order. Mind you this is for Shimano (e.g. disposable, not Campy) STI shifters. Additionally it was for an older, pre-rattle fix, Ultegra 9 speed version (6501, not 6510 to be exact).

Impressive enough: try googling and you will see only 2 other shops in the good ol' US of A that offer such part for sale. Drill down further and you will see the small print - in store sales, only (per Shimano).

More to the point, in addition to having these most uncommon nub parts in stock, Piermont Bicycles did the work on the spot, labor charge was dirt cheap, immediately gave me a NYCC club discount without asking (wearing the liberty vest was a tip-off), and to top it all off managed to get rid of the dreaded Ultegra shifter rattle noise.

That's my story; I'm sticking to it.

Peter ""new nubs"" O'Reilly

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