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Hey All,

I've decided to place an order from McMaster-Carr for a bunch of stainless fasteners, just to have around for when I work on bikes.

McMaster is pretty cheap, but they have minimum lots of 100 for most hardware. I would like to go in with one, two, or three other people so that we can get 50, 33, or 25 bolts/nuts each, in order to conserve space and money.

Here's what I'm planning on getting, though open to suggestions:

Stainless Socket Cap Fasteners:
100 M5x12mm
100 M5x14mm
100 M5x16mm
100 M5x18mm
200 M5x20mm
100 M5x25mm
100 M6x20mm
100 M6x25mm

Stainless Button Head Fasteners:
100 M5x10mm
100 M5x12mm

200 M5 Stainless Nylock
100 M6 Stainless Nylock

100 M5 Stainless Flat
100 M6 Stainless Flat
100 M6 Large OD Stainless Flat

- Christian

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
SS fasteners

Hello Christian, that McMaster-carr catolg is very familiar to me. It's like a bible, I always order from it ( work related) . I'm aware that most of their items are for industrial users, and thus full box quantity only. If you cannot find someone to share your order, I have practically all of what you mentioned on my shelf @ work.If you need a small amount of each to finish a project,I would be more than happy to give it to you .let me know ......Ciao Tony

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the generous offer! I'm really just thinking of getting stuff for the personal inventory, not for a specific project this week. But thanks again!

- Christian

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Great idea!

"If you decide to go ahead with this despite Tony's incredibly kind offer, I'd be good for a 15% or 20% share.

Any sense of the total price?

Is 10mm the shortest size for round heads? I'm always in need of very short ""buttons"" to fill up unoccupied eyelets, especially on drive-side rear dropouts where most bolts foul the chain or smallest sprocket.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Hi Peter,

No, they have 8mm M5 button heads, too. We could get those in addition, or instead of 10mm ones.

Let me post this on the Bob/Fixie/Serotta MB and see if I get some more interest, and I'll be back to you. I'll add up the prices, but I'm hoping to keep it around $40 per person for a nice full set. It could be loads cheaper if we go 10mm, 14mm, 18mm and cut the number of M5's in half...

- Christian

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