Any shops in NYC do a braided bar tape?

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  • Any shops in NYC do a braided bar tape?
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I figured I'd do something nice on my fixed gear and do one of those dual braded bar tapes. Maybe I'll try doing it myself but I'm a spazz and it has brake hoods. Anyone know a shop in nyc that might do it?

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Peter Storey (not verified)
I don't know a shop that has done it. . . .

and you definitely don't want anyone to figure it out at hourly rates! The first time I did it, it took the better part of four hours, and came out pretty rough. You do get better with practice, though.


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fixedgear (not verified)

IMHO you have to earn it by weaving it yourself. It's really not that hard once you get the hang of it, and practice does make it easier.

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bill (not verified)

earn it? Aren't I earning it cranking up all those hills, never coasting - risking life and limb save a wee little front brake.

Not one to pass on a challenge I might just try it. But how about posting with your real email address so I can come over and have you finish it ya wuss.


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Paul Elkouss (not verified)

Tr it out. It just takes a couple hours and two packages of tape. email me if you want to see a bike in NYC with the tape. I live on the UWS, and am available next week. I did the job with cork tape.

The first picture at the top, is my bike:

Good luck,

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