NYC bike shop with the best selection of eyewear?

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Went to a shop today and their selection of eyewear was pitiful. I would like to find one shop that carries, at a minimum, Smith, Rudy Project, and Oakley.


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Nathan Smith (not verified)

Paragon has the best selection I have seen. Hundreds of styles.

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Joao (not verified)

I agree with the Paragon suggestion, and add Conrad's (41st & Tudor City) to the list. He has a pretty good selection.

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Fixer (not verified)

If you pay more than forty bucks for a pair of plastic sunglasses, well, there's a place in PT Barnum's heart for you.

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Scott (not verified)
Who said I am looking for plastic?

If you buy plastic at all, you bring a smile to 'ole PT's face.

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Peter Storey (not verified)
OK, I'll bite . . .

What else is there besides plastic?

OK, OK I'm sure that Ti sunglass frames combine the light weight of aluminum with the supple sight of steel, but apart from a higher melting point, do they offer any actual advantages over plastic?


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Scott (not verified)

I have had problems with some plastic frames breaking. I was thinking more of the lenses.

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