Brewster/Pawling/Kent/Sherman/Brewster bailouts are on buses

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Wouldn't you know it, Metro North is running buses instead of trains north of Southeast (Brewster North) starting on Saturday, Sept. 25, the day of the ride. What this means is that any bike that is placed on the bus has to go in the luggage locker under the bus, LAID HORROZONTALLY, ON ITS SIDE...not a very good option. Luckily, this is not a strenuous ride. The route is front loaded; most of the vertical is in the first half and lunch is not very far from Brewster, all of 20 miles, but there is one significant hill.
So, I advise those who consider this ride should assume they are going the distance; 75 miles via the hilly option, 71 miles for the easier route.
This is a lovely ride. If you and your bike are in good shape you won't be disappointed.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
The A18 option

"And to the non-superhumans among you, remember that I will be leading an A18-paced group on this ride.

My recollection is that the route is plenty hilly. In addition to the big climb after lunch, there are those three big ""rollers"" returning to Brewster--right, Hank?

So do be prepared to climb, even if at humble speeds. I usually average about 15.5 mph.

Hank is correct that it's a gorgeous route, and you won't regret spending your day on it.


And because my massage therapist is an intuitive genius, I'll be there for the duration. I hope I will have some company."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
The return time to GCT

75 miles at 15 mph would be 5 hours of riding. Plus 2 hours lunch/ breaks/ flats gives us 7 hours. We get off the train at 9:09 AM in Brewster or 9:18 in Southeast. If we get the 4:07 PM at Southeast which we can get in Brewster at 4:10 we will get into GCT at 5:35 PM. If we catch the next train we get into GCT at 6:35 PM.

Yes Carol, there be rollers out there on the return to Brewster.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Hills en route

Harmony Hill (optional) 0.58 mile, 300' rise, 9.8%
Sherman (post lunch) hill 1.47 miles, 450' rise, 5.8%
Wakeman Rd hill #1 0.28 mile, 127' rise, 8.6%
Wakeman Rd hill #2 0.32 mile, 137' rise, 8.1%

Vertical gain to Sherman(lunch): 3520'in 51 to 56 miles
Vertical gain post lunch: 1800' in 20 miles

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Official results

The Sherman Post-Prandial Time Trial

1.47 miles, 450 feet elevation rise, full stomach mandatory. (Contestants identified by lunch consumed.)

1. Crab cake sandwich
2. Tuna melt
3. Grilled cheese on marbled rye
4. Meat loaf with mashed
5. Quiche with salad

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Richard Ramon (not verified)

I droppped Steve off at his apartment at about 6:30 pm yesterday. He was going to get washed up before going to St. Vincent's emergency room. His right thumb is very sore and possibly dislocated. His left shoulder hurts and he doesn't have full range of motion. He has several abrasions but no deep cuts fortunately.

He'll give us a report after a couple days

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Thanks to Rich & Chris (once again) for picking Steve up and delivering him to his wife. Also thanks to all who did their part to help directly and indirectly. The unforeseen is always just around the corner. A trip over the handlebars on one of the fastest descents in the NYCC repertoire could have been tragic but this is bad enough.

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