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I'm looking for a reputable orthopedic doctor in Manhattan? Preferably someone who works with cyclists and/or specializes in the knee.

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mattp (not verified)

try dr. frank cordasco at hosp. for special surgery. he rides a colnago. he dx'd me with tendonitis in april. while my recovery has been a slog (limiting time on the bike, phys therapy, stretching daily, weight training, ice, etc.) i feel okay with his dx because he gave me an mri immediately. good luck.

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David g (not verified)

try Dr Phil Bauman on W 58th Street. He is a surgeon but doesn't believe in surgery if you can avoid it. He saved me from painful surgery and an extremely long recovery period. Other very reputable doctors wanted to operate. It did take a long time to heal, but I did heal. He works with NYC ballet and others. Great credentials!!!!

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Orthopedic doctors

"Good luck. Most orthopedic doctors don't ""work with"" patients, they simply evaluate whether they are a candidate for their product (surgery). I went to an orthopedic surgeon (Elliot Hirshman, the knee surgeon for the New York Jets) about a year ago after having knee pain from cycling for 9 months and having no luck with physical therapy. He told me I have a tight ITB and to continue with the therapies that I had been doing for 9 months with no results. I finally got him to refer me for an MRI six months later (and over a year after the problem started) which showed I had thinning cartilage from a mistracking patella. He then sent me to physical therapy (again with no progress). I finally found a medical masseuse about 5 months ago who has been treating my back, which he says is the reason for the tightness/misuse of my leg and have been making tremendous progress (from 1-2 rides of 12 miles per week to 4-5 rides from 18 to 40 miles per week).


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mattp (not verified)

will you share the name of your masseuse? my knee problems also stem from my back and hips. thanks.

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Massage Therapist


My massage therapist is Amiel Malale. He works in his apartment (108th and Broadway) and he also goes to people as well I believe. His phone is 646-245-5150. For the better part of the past 2 years I have only been able to ride from 20 to 40 minutes before I started getting discomfort/pain in my knee. I started seeing him about 5 months ago and this past month I did about 500 miles. Today I did the 50 mile ENY course without any discomfort in that knee at all!!


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Ginny (not verified)
hurting knees

Dr. Mark Klion is a biker, triathlete and orthopaedic surgeon. He's very nice and should be able to figure out what's causing your problems. Unless you need surgery, you will then get sent to physical therapy. Shop around, get recommendations from others you trust as some therapists will work with you a bit more if they understand you are an athlete. I've had a few who just give me a sheet of exercises and an hour to do them with while looking the other way. I also recommend acupunture. Bruce Mandlebaum is very nice and works with a large number of distance runners and triathletes. The three combined helped to get me through my racing season when I was injured.
Klion is on 87th and Park (212) 289-0700
Mandlebaum is on Broadway/ 72nd (212) 769-4295
Good luck with your recovery.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Dr. Joe Fetto

At NYU. Dr. Fetto does only knees but I don't believe he's a fellow cyclist like the others mentioned.

He diagnosed a knee problem I had after I'd been to four other orthos without success.

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