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I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet, but the forecast for Saturday's ENY looks pretty bleak. Is this a rain or shine event?

I'm game if it isn't raining at the start, but would drop out if we get the downpours being predicted at this point.

I once started a double century in the rain, and it wasn't much fun. After 75 or so miles, I sat it out for 2 hours at a friends house. When it stopped raining, I got back on the bike in dried clothes and finished, ahead of a lot of others that kept going. A lot of people thought I'd hopped onto the ride near the end, since I was the only one not miserable. (Seattle to Portland, 1982 I think.)

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
fender up

"I did & finished the 2002 Longest Day double century. It was pouring and dark most of the morning, starting at 4am. One of the people I rode with had a pair of fenders attached to his titanium road bike. He's an ""A"" cyclist and told me fenders didn't affect his speed.

If you have enough time and if the frame can fit, get some fenders.

Good luck to all doing ENY. Pray to the Sun God for no rain. But ride carefully if it pours. And be sure to thank the volunteers who will help you along the way (either at food stops, giving encouragement or help with a mechanical) and who make it happen.

Sorry won't be able to do ENY--wanted to do it as a walk-on registrant, but I'm recovering from a viral infection. I finished the 108 mile TA Century on Sun. ENY would have be part of the campaign.


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Scott (not verified)
I was wondering about this also...

Heavy showers are predicted for Fri. and Sat.

Does rain cancel ENY? will it be re-scheduled?

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Rain or Shine

Unless conditions are too dangerous to be on the road, we ride rain or shine, as is noted on the ENY information page: http://www.nycc.org/rides_eny.shtml

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Eric (not verified)

I remember doing this ride once before in the rain and cooler weather, maybe in 1999 or 2000. We stayed in a group and rode the 100 mile route. I was in shorts and a Tee shirt. Every time we stopped I got really cold and then to get back on my bike and start to ride, I was freezing, but however, after a few miles I warmed up. We finished later then when riding in dry weather but still in good time. After having done that I think that I am up to it again. So tomorrow I will be there once again in shorts and a Tee, rain or shine! :-) no sun burn

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Jim Reaven (not verified)
Rain or shine? Possibly more verbosity is needed.

"Possibly saying ""Rain or Shine"" isn't enough. Some possibilities:

1) Say ""Rain or Shine unless severe weather such as pouring rain, thunderstorm or flooding is forecast (the night before) for the start or along the way."" I'm sure that a days notice will also be appreciated by food providers and other sponsors and helpers.

2) Combine #2 with a backup date for extreme conditions.

3) Or, if an all-conditions adventure ride is wanted, as some folks seemed to be saying on the BB yesterday, then advertise it as such and avoid encouraging people to sign up or volunteer unless that is specifically what they want."

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Delaying start times

It's too bad there couldn't have been some way to delay the start times. I arrived at about 8:30 for the 50 mile ride (soaking wet) and rode home in a downpour at 9:00. Two hours later, the rain had ended, the sun was peeking out, and the puddles were receding. Having enough water on board and a sandwich in my back pocket, I would not have required the staffed rest stops.

Jay Goldwein

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
delaying start times

Having just seen a previous post with the closing times of rest stops and the final closing time at Sakura park (2:30 at Piermont and 5:30 at Sakura park), the 50 miler could have started between 11:00 and 11:30 and easily made these times.

Jay Goldwein

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Scott (not verified)

"I was not too happy when the ""rain or shine"" response was given to a question about the forecast. There is a difference between needing to get the ride done and being bullheaded. Telling people they will ride in a downpour with thunder and lightning falls in the latter category. I slept in, but no refund since it was ""rain or shine."" /sarcasm"

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Rain or shine

I posted the “rain or shine” response to the question posed at the beginning of this thread. I clearly prefaced my answer with “Unless conditions are too dangerous …” Others contributors in this thread have explained why we couldn’t postpone ENY one day in the case of inclement weather. [So far as I know, this is the same policy that other clubs in our area use for their century rides. See for example,
http://www.5bbc.org/montaukgettingready.shtml ]

The problem on Saturday wasn’t with the policy, it was with the weather and how we implemented the policy. Riding conditions were quite acceptable when the first committee members met at Sakura at 5:30 AM and when the first cyclists left Sakura more than two hours later. That said, given the forecast, I think we erred in allowing these cyclists to leave. Some ride leaders expressed reservations about the ride to me. I think if I had gathered the leaders together, the consensus would have been that the risk of thunder storms and heavy rains warranted canceling the event. As ride leader coordinator, I accept responsibility for not getting the ride leaders more involved in the decision making process on Saturday.

In my opinion, a more thorough protocol needs to be in place to decide whether to cancel an event like ENY. I expect that given Saturday’s events, the NYCC board and the ENY committee will discuss this issue as well as contingency plans in the case of very inclement weather.

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chica de guardabarros (not verified)

Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but this was a case in which the forecast clearly indicated that Sunday was the better day. There was little communication about what was actually happening. I was a volunteer but was never contacted about whether to show up. Was I just supposed to assume that nobody in their right minds would go out in that weather? It seems a total waste of manpower, in planning, and in not giving the registrants what they paid for.

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Barbara (not verified)

Sorry Jay. Although we labored for many months on planning ENY we couldn't think of everything.
We had no idea that the weather would clear up so quickly.
The roads in NJ were extremely flooded so I am not sure in the end that it would have been a safe ride after all.
Please feel free to join the planning committee next year.

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Chris T (not verified)
Safety First

"Despite the ""better conditions"" later in the day, the damage was done by the first thundershower.

Based on what I saw in Central Park on the way back from Sakura this morning, I am certain that the roads in Bergen & Rockland counties would have remained flooded for the better part of the day. Not a safe way to ride.

The amount of downed branches and leaves would have been extensive, certainly more in the burbs than in the city. Even those who do a ""make up"" ride tomorrow will find a lot of downed wood, so be careful.

The NYCC has made rider safety a priority this year, and the ENY committee's actions today were consistent in keeping all riders upright and uninjured.

Everyone who came out today deserves a badge of courage"

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slept in (not verified)

I don't rememeber if there were t-shirts being given out at the end of the ride this year
If yes, can you pick them up somewhere today. ie. there was no one at sakura park at 1:00 PM today, but will there be anyone there later?

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
ENY in Rain or Thunder

Yes, the rain was much heavier than we predicted.
Our apologies to those who got out this morning and got poured upon by the driving rain. We hope everyone is back home and dry.
It was truly disappointing, after a year of very hard work.
As the ENY Committee, we've been at this for a year.It was my privilege to work with Barbara Spandorf, Robert Dinkelmann, Tonya Harroun, Vivanne Tubiana, Sandy Watanabe, Lee Ann Van Wyck, Kim Savage, Mark Loftis and Ed Geffner. Everyone put in much more work than they were initially assigned and frequently took over what I couldn't do.

It wasn't just the committee alone, but the whole board and countless others who put in a tremendous amount of work. .
Routes were marked, ride leaders scouted the routes, ride organizers helped, the bulletin editor, the web-site editor, ride organizers pitched in.
ENY really brings the whole club together.

If you're wondering about all that food- we donated them to homeless shelters.
I took my batch to a shelter on 77th st- they were very happy to receive it, as their kitchen was out of order.

We wish better luck to the 11th Annual ENY next fall.


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m mondre (not verified)
any stuff

I too, went to Sakura Park at about 1:30 today to pick up any of the give aways. After all, I did pay $46. Also, I understand that the planning takes months but, the weather report for days told us that the ride should be postponed until Sunday. It was not until raining but, it was also thundering and lightning. It would have been very unsafe and it was totally irresponsible not to postpone this ride.

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Zac Fisher (not verified)

There was one huge bolt of lightning that looked to hit around 150th St all the way to the ground. I was standing under an awning at 169th & Bway at the time and it scared the hell out of me. I can almost guarantee that's what cleared out Sakura park. I got on the A train soon after.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
postponing ENY

First, I want to offer a big hearty congratulations and thank you to all of this year's ENY committee members. Having worked with several of them last year and having kept in touch this year, I know how much planning and work went into the event. Whether or not we actually got to ride, we know they did a fabulous job - and no one can control the weather.
In terms of postponing, those who have suggested it clearly have no idea what is involved in a day such as this. Permits are obtained months in advance for Sakura and Rockland Lake Parks for one day only, furniture is rented for every rest stop, likewise port-o-sans are rented, food is ordered and purchased to feed about 400 people (perhaps we can store it in your refrigerator next year if we postpone?). This all, in addition to about 40 non-riding volunteers and over 20 ride leader volunteers all committing to giving their time on that particular day. If anyone has an idea about how to have a rain date taking all this into consideration next year, please, join the committee for ENY 2005. Even if you don't know how to fix it, if you cared enough to comment on the message board, you probably care enough to help out. I know the committee will need you.

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
We need you sooner than next year

I was stopped by a police officer on Friday while posting ENY signs. He was very polite, he asked about the event, and he said I could post as many signs as I'd like. He also said that if the signs weren’t removed that we, that is the NYCC, would be fined. I gave him my word that they would be removed. If you’d like to volunteer to help remove signs, feel free to send me an email.

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Barbara (not verified)

"Thanks to all ENY volunteers! All of us on the ENY planning committee truly appreciate your generosity, hard work, and good cheer particularly under such adverse conditions. I could not be more thankful for the helpfulness and support that I encountered from all of you. I only wish that we all could have enjoyed a beautiful day together.

Thanks to our route posters:
Lewis X. Liu, Lynn Baruh, Mary Wikstrom, Joanne McGarry, Leanne Van Wyck, Tonya Harroun, Reginald Johnson, Hans Koch, Chris Traeger, & Robert Dinkelmann

Thanks to our ENY volunteers:
Robert Dinklemann, Jonathan Goodman, Herb Dershowitz, Liane Montessa, Mary C. Rieth, Leanne Van Wyck, Mavis Scanlon, Cathy Martone, Annaline Dinkelmann, Mary Wikstrom, John Barnard, Ermilo Novelo, Viviane Tubiana, Happy Friedman, Beth Renaud, Ian Hughes, Tonya Harroun, Reginald Johnson, Michael Steiner, Anastasia Courtney, Deborah Bennett, Mark Lichtenstein, Joan Jacobson, Denise West, Ellen Borowka, Dave Sabbarese, Joanne McGarry, Mark Loftis, Ed Geffner, Laura Anderson, Jody Potter, David Epstein, Lynn Baruh & Tori

Thanks as well to all our ride leaders! (I don’t have the list – Mark Loftis does - but you know who you are)

And finally thanks to my co-committee members (volunteers as well!) for all their hard work over many months: Lynn Baruh, Robert Dinkelmann, Ed Geffner, Viviane Tubiana, Leanne Van Wyck, Mark Loftis, Tonya Harroun, Kim Savage & Sandy Watanabe.

My apologies if I left anyone out!

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Thanks to the ride leaders

I’m a member of the ENY committee and one of my responsibilities was organizing ride leaders. Let me extend my thanks to the more than 40 club member who volunteered to lead and sweep rides on Saturday.

They are: Tom Laskey, Craig Breed, Karen Nicolini, Peter Morales, Janice Fuld, Amelia Kennedy, Janet Basilone, Ruth Wachspress, Gail Williams, Debbie Rothschild, Russ Berman, Chuck Lam, Hal Eskenazi, Michael Casey, Margaret Cipolla, Dolores McKeough, Eva Frank, Gary McGraine, Andres Nicolini, Isaac Brumer, Richard Rosenthal, Sue Foster, Gay Shaheen, Anthony Donato, Rick Braun, Linda Winter, Ellen Jaffe, Bernie Brandlell, Ted Shaw, Jason Winstanley, Pam Nelson, Tim Casey, Chris Taeger, Sarah Tombaugh, John Tom, Ed White, Joe Aguiar, Paul Hofherr, Pat Kilroy, Timothy McCarthy, Rich Ramon, Steve Dwek, Reaven, Scott Wasserman, Eric Dobkin.

My thanks and apologies to anyone that I left off the list. Thanks also to Barbara Spandorf, Robert Gray, Wayne Wright, and Isaac Brumer for helping me recruit these volunteers.

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Zac Fisher (not verified)

Did anybody make it to anywhere? To the first rest stop even? Just curious.

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Antonio (not verified)
27 miles

The B-17 group (9 riders)lead by Tim rode for 13.5 miles and decide to get back....it was veeeery bad...2 hrs and 20 minutes to complete 27 miles.

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mattp (not verified)

I think I finally got all the water out of my ears. I've been cycling for 22 years and have never ridden in conditions quite like that. My friend and I started at 7:45, made it to the GWB and swam back to Sakura Park. Huge metal bridge + lightning = turn back.

I am sure the wisdom of running vs. postponing ENY in light of the dire weather forecasts will be debated here ad nausem. But here's something constructive:

Will anyone be leading groups on the entire century route in the coming weeks? My friend and I would like to do the 102 miles if schedules permit. We are riding Boston to NYC in October and need the training miles.

Also, thanks to the ENY volunteers who put in months of work planning the event. See you next year.

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David Regen (not verified)
Let's here it for the ENY volunteers

The volunteers for the Escape New York ride were the most cheerful and helpful bunch of people I've met in a long time. Let's give them all a hand. THANK YOU.


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Tonya (not verified)

"It's true, we can't help what happens with the weather, but we can try to make everything else ""just right"". As the ENY Committee chair, Lynn did just that. She worked tirelessly, without complaint, to ensure that each rider would have a good ride. Had it not been for the pouring rain, lightning and flooded roads that kept you all from riding, I guarantee Lynn's wish would've come true -- everyone would've had a terrific ride. So, Lynn, THANK YOU for a job well done.

Thank you also to team members Robert, Barbara, Ed, Lee Ann, Vivianne, Mark, Sandra and Kim. It's been a true pleasure working with you. GREAT JOB!"

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Guest (not verified)
Anyway to get some ENY cue sheet?

"ENY was the ride that got me to join NYCC, so I've never missed a single one for all the years I'm here. But this year, although I would have loved to do it, I wasn't ""hardcore"" enough to even try after all the weather forecast warnings yesterday. So I slept in and rode in the park in the afternoon. Little drizzle but no big downpours.

Nonetheless, I felt bad not able to ride ENY this year. I especially like the ENY's route, going through areas not usually visited, a nice diversion from the ""always 9W"" route to northern Jersey... The routes' been painstakingly marked. It'd be a shame to let ALL the planning goes to waste. I, for one, would love to just ride the route, either with other NYCC friends or by myself, in the weeks to come. The turn markings should still be there for a while, so it should be ok to just follow them. Now, if only I got a cue sheet just in case I miss a turn somewhere...

Is there some way to post the route on our website for those who wish to ride the route to download?"

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
If your e-address is legit, the route sheet is in your mailbox.

If the all too generic appearing e-address you've used is real, you have the route sheet in your incoming e-mailbox.

(If it isn't real, why would you post this straight forward note anonymously?)

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mattp (not verified)
route sheet please

would you email one to me as well? mine disintegrated around 172nd st. thanks.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
It's in your e-mail incoming box. nm (nm)
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Michael (not verified)
Can Some of those CUE sheets be at the boathouse this AM

A lot of us are surely disappointed by yesterday's weather. I looked at the predictions Friday night and didn't even set an alarm for Saturday... (the Weather Channel had me expecting that since Weds or so)

I'm sure there are a lot of unused cue sheets that could turn up at the boathouse this AM at say 8:45 to 9:30 when it seems some make up rides are planning to leave. It would be great if some use comes of all the hard work by the volunteers and cue painters in particular (I was a cue painter in '02 and '03)

I would like to do the metric at a B16/17 pace if anyone cares to join.

If we don't have sheets we can just follow painted cues.

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