Where to ride Thanksgiving weekend?

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How far south do I have to go for mild (60s - 80s) weather and decent roads? GA, FL, Cuba, the Caribbean? Tour groups or local rides, rentals or BYO, suggestions anyone?

Assuming there's anything left after the hurricane season, of course...

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Consider riding the Natchez Trace. Memphis, TN to Natchez, MS. November averages ~45 low, ~65 high.

If you're eager to try the Caribbean - Guadaloupe is probably best for cycling. They're a DOM, so there's lots of cycling clubs etc. Also good french food and lots of OTB on harness racing.

- Christian

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Cat (not verified)
natchez trail

Sounded interesting enough for me to google it. Keep in mind that stretches of the trail have been washed out in the heavy rains. Keep an eye on the website. If it dries, maybe i'll get out there too. . . .sounds wonderful!


happy trails. . . . .

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Ivy (not verified)

Keep me informed. I'd be very interested in that.

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