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I have been riding now for about 6 months and have recently increased my volume to about 100 miles a week. I have started to have some knee discomfort and am looking to get properly fit for my bike because that's something I never had done (I realize I probably should have but as a beginner cyclist I didn't realize how important it was).

Is there a particular place in Manhattan that someone would recommend that does good/proper bike fits?

Thank you.

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Heath (not verified)
Do a search

Search the message board for bike fit

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Try this first

"If the pain is at the front of the knee, raise your seat about 1cm and go ride. See how that works before forking over $300 to a fit guru.


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Bill (not verified)

and often if the pain is in the back of the knee the seat's too high.

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Michael (not verified)
I did a search......

but I didn't find out any information about Toga Bike Shop fits. I live right near there and scheduled a fit. Just looking for people's opinions on that bike shop and whether or not they think I will get a proper fitting there.

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Chaim (not verified)

Hi Michael,
I recommend not having a fit done at a bike shop. I've never found any bike shop to do a proper job. There are a few excellent folks in town. I know of two who are Serotta trained and certified. From my own experience, I highly recommend Happy Freedman. I can't say enough good things about him. He is very knowledgeable, very nice, and very concerned that you will have the optimum frame and optimum riding experience. He is the coach for the Columbia U bike team and does constant fitting and tweaks for his team members all year long. He is very dedicated to biking and you'll get the benefit of that dedication if you hire him. It should cost about $150. His email is: [email protected] .

There is another Serotta-trained fitter. I think his name is Paul Levine. He is also highly regarded but I don't have personal experience with him.

Whoever you go to, I strongly recommend not going to a bike shop for this work. They just do not have the skill and training to do it right. For bike shops, a fitting is just a prelude to a bike sale.

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Scott (not verified)
Paul Levine

I went to Paul and he did a great fit. Expensive - $300 - but worth it. He not only considers the bike fit, but your riding style and flexibility. He was also the easiest to get to at Asphalt Green on the UES.

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Keith (not verified)
Happy with Happy

I had a complete fit with Happy 3 years ago for a custom frame. He was excellent. The builder was also very impressed with his measurements, as he measured bone length. Happy is also a physical therapist as well, if I remember correctly. He's worth every penny.

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heath (not verified)
Toga Bike Fit

Will does the bike fits over at Toga. It is a serotta bike fit. When I bought my bike from Toga I took it to an independant bike fitter.

I personally like the Wobble Naught bike fit that Craig Upton does. It feels like a lot more complete of a bike fit than the Serotta method. Just my opinion though.

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anthony accardi (not verified)
I'll second Craig Upton

917 353 4083. [email protected]

Both bikes fit by him feel great. Very knowledgable and forthcoming with info.

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Craig gets my vote, too

I had a bike fit by Craig Upton and my knee problems have subsided. My seat had to be raised about 1.5 inches, amongst other things. He is quite thorough.

Good luck,

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Sid (not verified)
serotta vs. other methods

what are the key differences between the different fitting methods?

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Another vote for Craig Upton

Here's a link to an interview with Craig about bike fit with further links to the Wobble-Naught website, the fit system Craig uses:


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debbi (not verified)
toga bike fit

"I had a bike fit at Toga, by Mike, about 3 months after I bought my new bike. I bought the bike there, so the fit was ""free"". I thought they did a great job, spent about an hour with me -- lengthened the stem, lowered the seat and brought it forward a bit. It feels great. I have had only had good experiences with Toga and their mechanics."

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