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Any B15/16s out there that want to do 100 miles on Satuday - but with a group? I'm shy of a B17 pace, but want to try to give it a go and would love to do it with others at a B15/16 level. Any interest?

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Rick Braun (not verified)
ENY metric B16

The listings for the Escape New York this Saturday were incomplete. There is a metric B16 which will be co-led by Linda Wintner, Ellen Jaffe, and me. All are invited. Enjoy a B16 century if you get it organized.

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barbara (not verified)
ENY rest stops have closing times

There isn't a B15/16 Full Century group ride listed for ENY but of course you are more than welcome to do the ride at that pace on your own or with other liked-paced cyclists. Please keep in mind the closing times of the rest stops on your cue sheet. You will need to pace yourself to make it to each rest stop in time so not to miss all the great food we are providing! There are opportunities on the Full Century ride to join the Metric if necessary. Have fun!

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
ENY Rest Stop Closing Times

This might help you plan your ride in advance-

For your info- here are the closing times:
Saddle River- 11:30am (for Century Only)
Piermont- 2:30pm Lunch for 50 mile
Rockland Lake - 3:00pm Lunch for Century and Metric C
Tenafly - 4:30pm Rest stop for everyone
Sakura - 5:30pm Rest stop and post ride raffles for all


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