Does OLN have any Vuelta coverage?

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I had heard there was supposed to be, at the very least a short summary show. If so, when's it on?


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Robert Rakowitz (not verified)
Vuelta a Espana

Bill -

As far as I know its a recap thats going to be on at the end or coincide with the end of the Vuelta. This is what I was told by one of my contacts at OLN (I am in media/advertising - so I have made it a point to give OLN a little grief for not covering the race properly).

On the other hand, TVE (Television Espanola) has great coverage of the Vuelta. Downside - you need to subscribe to the Spanish/Latino package - and the coverage is in Spanish. The coverage on the general news show is good, but the sports programs do a good job.

When I was living in Madrid, it was great watching the teams speed by on Paseo de la Castellana.

I wish the coverage was more accessible to everyone...its been really exciting watching Landis and Heras.

- Rob

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viviane (not verified)
results online is reporting on the vuelta.

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