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"Is it 9W? How tough is the climbing en route to Piermont? Am quite sore from yesterday's ""flat"" NYC century route...damn, Queens is a big borough!...thanks!"

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Michael (not verified)
Pretty Flat

Tends to have one tough climb towards the end. But if you just did the NYC full century you should consider the Metric Century (100K = 62miles). Not as nasty as its big brother but a more rewarding challenge than the half.

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Sid (not verified)
i did the 75 miles...not the 100 <EOM> (nm)
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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"""Bergen"" is Dutch for ""hills."" Live with it!"

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evan (not verified)
metric - century?

anyone know the route difference between the metric and the full century for Saturday?

besides the mileage of course.

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
50 miles vs Metric Century ENY

The 50 mile goes to Piermont and stops for lunch in front of the Piermont Bicycle Shop in the park. The Metric Century does a small loop to Rockland Lake Park and stops for lunch in the park, where the century stops for lunch as well.


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Sid (not verified)
50 mile route

Does the 50 mile route go by River Road or 9W?

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Chris T (not verified)
No river Road..


The 50 mile route does not contact River Road.

The route crosses 9W four times, and is on 9W northbound for about a mile just south of Tallman State Park. It's almost all downhill during this mile, with a substantial shoulder. Worry not.

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sid (not verified)


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