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"Does anyone have any experience with Cane Creek Aerohead wheels, the $350-ish Ksyrium wheels, or any other road wheels in the under $350 range that they think highly of?

(This is for my ""weekend"" bike, IOW looking for performance as well as reliability. Also note that these would replace wheels with Alex 400 rims, I assume I can do better than these in this price range but I would also appreciate comments on that.)

Thanks in advance."

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John Miller (not verified)
Wheels $300-ish

I bought a set of Bontrager Race, which is a set new for 2004. They are at least $150 less than Race Lites, with not much of a weight penalty and almost no other spec differences I could notice. They roll far better than my stock wheels, and so far they have been bombproof, surviving everything from potholes to a crash at 25mph.

By way of reference, I am about 170-175, and I (try to) race as well as do club rides. My bike shop actually recommended them over handbuilt wheels at the same price point.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Assuming you have a Shimano drivetrain, I'd recommend:

Ultegra hubs
Mavic Open Pro or Velocity Aerohead rims
Wheelsmith 14-16g butted spokes with brass nipples

32h front, 36h rear. (Or 28h, 32h, if you're sub-155 lbs)
If you're 200 lbs+ the Velocity Aeroheads are nice because they have offset rear spacing to allow for a near zero-dish wheel.

This should run you about $350 and will be the equivalent or better than any boutique pre-built wheel. And you'll be able to true them yourself, not suffer ride-ending spoke breakage etc.

- Christian

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Cane creek

My bike came w/Cane Creek Aeroheads. They are great I have no problem recomending them to you. I'm no lightweight 195 lbs, these wheels hold up & are fast. After 11,000 miles I damaged the back rim on River Side Drive by trying to hop a whole & didn't make it - my fault. I bought a new pair this year as the rim had perminent dent in it - If you do buy them carry the spoke wrench w/u it's not the standard one .......mark

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