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Any fellow members have any experience with frames made by Peter Weigle of Connecticut? He builds only steel frames; many people are more familiar with Richard Sachs frames who also only builds steel frames.

I do own a couple of J.P. Weigle frames and was wondering how many club members have or had a frame built by Peter.

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Alan Resnick (not verified)
weigle frames

some of the best made steel frames.--excellent-I guess Betsy no longer paints them-or does she??? He goes bak to the late 70s early 80s-but is not of the the Sachs/Kellogg/ etc groouping- other steel builder from that era is Eisentraut-who I hear starting up again 2-3 years ago !! enjoy Alan

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)


In case you're a 60cm ST x 58cm TT, then those Weigle's are probably well past their prime, and liable to ""go soft"" at any time, and in need of immediate disposal and replacement with a Giant Carbon. Call me for assistance with disposal!

If they're another size, then they're just about the nicest steel frames ever, on the level of Eisentraut and Sachs. Certainly far nicer than anything ever to come out of Italy, Pegoretti possibly excepted.

- Christian"

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Nick (not verified)
Giant Carbon vs. Weigle Steel

Good one Christian....well, my Weigles are 64cm ST so I guess I'll keep them!

Us oldtimers know that 'steel is real!' I'm not against other materials; I do have a Seven titanium MTB but there's nothing like the feel of steel when crafted by a master framebuilder such as Peter Weigle or Richard Sachs.

- Nick

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Yogi (not verified)
Men of steel

>Us old-timers know that 'steel is real!'

Christian’s taste might be old school, but he’s actually one of the younger members of the club. I don’t think he has turned 30 yet. Many members have bikes older than he is.

Christian and Ivy:

Riding the ENY this weekend (Ivan willing)? I’m co-leading the Slow A’s if you guys are feeling spunky.

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