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just wondering if anyone has any experience with the active trips from GORP?

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Ed White (not verified)

I did a self-guided biking trip in Ireland that was booked through Gorp. Gorp actually subcontracted with a local company called Sherpa, and Sherpa did most of the arrangements. I have the impression that Gorp does a lot of that--Gorp finds local tour companies they like and they promote them through the Gorp catalogs. I've heard that Gorp has a good reputation, but mostly your experience depends upon the local contractor. My Irish trip turned out great.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

"Gorp is a portal that basically markets and distributes tours that are designed and managed by a tour company. As I understand it, Gorp is like a broker for bike tours. As the website states, ""GORPtravel, its owners and respective employees are acting only as the agent for the tour operators."" Therefore, definitely find out about the tour operator before booking a trip with them. That being said, Gorp has been around a long time and I assume they generally work with respectible operators."

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sarah (not verified)

thanks for the advice
I kind of had of feeling the subcontracting was the case because of the similarity of trips on the GORP site and other vendors.

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