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Here's a little more info on this Saturday's B15-16 Magnificent Metric ride in Connecticut:

Bring $ for lunch - we plan to order ahead on the train. Bring plenty of pocket food & fluids and spare tubes. Helmets and Metro North pass required.

Meet at the big clock in Grand Central at 7:45 AM.
Take the 8:07 AM New Haven Line train for the ride to East Norwalk.


Meet at the Harlem station at 8:00 AM (101 East 125th St & Park Ave).
Take the 8:17 AM train from Harlem on the New Haven Line to East Norwalk.

The train will arrive in East Norwalk at 9:08 AM. Parking is available at the station. If you have questions about the station, please visit the following
Metro-North website:

We plan to return on the 4:36 East Norwalk train. Roundtrip train ticket is $18.50.

BTW, heavy rain or predicted temps over 90 at start cancels ride. If in doubt, check the message board by 6:45 AM.

See you there!

Karen, Valli, Jim, and Andres

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Karen Nicolini (not verified)
Saturday's Magnificent Metric in CT

Saturday's Magnificent Metric to CT

Please note that we had to change this to a B15/16 ride only. We'll have cue sheets for anyone who wants to do a B17 pace.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We hope you'll join us anyway!

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Karen Nicolini (not verified)
Driving directions to East Norwalk station (from Grand Central)

Saturday's Magnificent Metric CT ride

Driving directions to East Norwalk station (from Grand Central):

For those of you considering driving to East Norwalk for the Magnificent Metric CT ride, here are sample directions from the Grand Central Station area.

Copy & paste the link into your browser, or simply visit your fav map site and enter your start info as well as the finish info (281 East Ave, Norwalk, CT 06855-1924).

See you there!

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Michelle Smith (not verified)

thanks for info!

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Andres Nicolini (not verified)
This ride is on!

The Magnificent Metric to Connecticut ride is on! See you at the train stations or in East Norwalk.

8:07 TRAIN DEPARTS Grand Central
8:17 TRAIN DEPARTS Harlem station
9:08 train arrives in East Norwalk, CT.

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Stephanie (not verified)
Climbing to New Cannan Ride /Recommendation and Thanks

Hi All, I must say that the Climbing to New Cannan bike ride was glorious.. Excellent day out and challenging. Rolling hills and no heavy traffic anywhere .. You should see the opulent properties that go on and on and on .. The ride was led by an excellent leader who obviously does know the area better than anyone.. His love of this ride and sharing it was also very apparent. Most enjoyable day ..The only problem is that I after such a great day of fast riding, I am exhausted but happily so.. Consensus from myself and Joe.:-) There was five of us, all about same speed (I was challenged however) but we had a grand day ..very special. I compare this ride to the Blooming Metric but without the highway parts and the ride also allowed us to see a way of life that is beyond my life time (Greenisch backwoods).

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Her fellow riders (not verified)
How is Ann?

I am sure we are all wondering how Ann is doing after her fall. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

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Anne (not verified)
recovering...thx for your wishes

Hi NYCC CT Riders,
Thanks for the get well card, I'm recovering slowly from my accident in CT on 9/11. (fractured elbow!!) It's not fun, but I feel positive that I'll gain back the mobility in my arm.


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