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Hi. I am coming over for the NYC marathon and was hoping to buy a cervelo road bike at the same time (much cheaper than in europe). Can anyone tell me of a dealer nearby or even in Washington, or Boston as i tried cervelo who only came up with togabikes who dont seem to stock them.
Thanks Pip

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ww (not verified)
Mail order
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ScottD (not verified)
tough to find

I think you will be challenged to find a Cervelo in stock, then luckier to find your frame size. I had to wait 4+ months for my Soloist, special order from Gotham Bikes on West Broadway (they are affiliated with Toga).

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Alex (not verified)

R&A Cycles.

A friend of mine purchased his Cervelo Soloist 105 from them. If they don't have it in stock, they will get it for you. When we purchased the bikes in December, R&A did not have the Cervelo is stock. The bike was ordered and arrived 4 weeks later.


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Yogi (not verified)
Country of Origin

I would check with Customs in your home country about bike purchases overseas (US). I’ve had coworkers / friends who brought bikes here before moving back to Europe (Ger, It, UK, etc.) for work. Some had to pay up to ~20% tax (which would negate any savings) because they couldn’t prove they had the bikes for more than 6 months prior to their big move back.

I’m not sure if it’s any easier to bring / smuggle a new bike back in your country as a traveler, but I would check the rules and regulations for your country so you wouldn’t be surprised at the Airport.

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