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i've heard that river road is a good climb for the area. can someone give me some stats on it (length, grade, etc.)

more importantly - how do you get there from the GW bridge?

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JP (not verified)

From the GWB, turn left (south). Stay with the traffic and after one block, bear right - follow the traffic and go one more block to the light, turn left and them turn quickly right and go down hill. Follow the traffic.

As you descend, try moving quickly to your left – be careful of the cars behind you. On the left, after maybe 1/8 of a mile you will see a parking area, with cars parked diagonally. At the end of that small parking area is a gate and the entrance to RR. A hot dog cart may be there. You have to turn left across the oncoming traffic and be aware of cars behind you to get to that gate.

As said, be careful. It may be best to follow someone who knows the entrance so you do not have to worry about navigation AND safety at the same time. You can do it alone the first time, it is simple – just be careful of the fast downhill and the traffic.

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tim hansen (not verified)

thanks JP. sounds like i'll be able to find it okay. about how difficult is the climbing there? will i have to content with traffic the whole time? thanks again.

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Carol (not verified)

Once you're on River Road there's very little traffic, but there is some, so you have to be aware that a car could come along just as you're dodging a pot-hole. The road surface, particularly in the first few miles, is very rough, so either take it easy or be prepared to do a lot of dodging. The road is mostly rolling with one 1/2-mile climb in the middle and one almost-a-mile climb at the end. I think they're each around 6 - 6 1/2% overall.

There are a couple of places where the road forks - take the left fork. The right fork takes you to a boat dock.

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curious (not verified)
extending the climbs

however, if you are of a mind to climb, the detours to the boat basins/docks are good ways to double your pleasure, double your fun...

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TdF (not verified)
Wrong way down to River Road

When heading down from the bridge, have there been instances where the cops were ticketing riders going on the opposite side, against traffic? I thought I saw something on this on the message board. Anyone know?

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JP (not verified)
Used to be ...

It used to be you could make a left from the GWB and go down to the RR entrance. Now, after the left, you have to go around the block - bear right, make a left and then another right to wind up where you would have been had you just turned left and gone straight. When the municipality first started this detour, I often saw police officers … watching out for our safety.

I always say Hello and wave.

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