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Hey, anyone have a preferred route to Prospect Park from the Upper East?


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Doug (not verified)

Good question, it depends on how up and how east...I don't know of a nice uninterrupted ride on the eastside itself, so, I usually work my way to the west side and take the bike path all the way to Chambers St. then across to the Brooklyn Bridge which is a nicer challenge.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Take either west side (cross town on Chambers St) or east side bike path to the Brooklyn Bridge than go to the Ride Library and follow City Hall to Prospect Park under the NYC region.

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ben tyzska (not verified)
flatbush ave isn't so bad

I prefer the manhattan bridge to the brooklyn bridge. There are less tourists, it's a more direct route to prospect park (aims toward the park, versus 90deg angle for brooklyn Bridge), and it's easier to get to the cyclist enterance of the manhattan bridge than it is to get to the one for the brooklyn bridge.

Don't get me wrong... the Brooklyn bridge wins hands-down when it comes to history, beauty, and scenary. But when I'm on my way to Pspct park, I just want an easy route.

Once in Brooklyn, Flatbush avenue isn't so bad. If you can handle the traffic on Flatbush, then it's a straight shot from the Manhattan Brige to Prospct park. Flatbush is also a straightshot from the Brooklyn bridge to Prospect park.

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