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Lance is a guest tonight (11:35 PM) on Jay Leno.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
he said...

* He's thinking about doing the Tour de France, either next year or the year after.

* He's thinking about running this year's New York City Marathon for charity. Shades of hip hop's Sean Puffy (aka P. Diddy) Combs.

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Ulrich (not verified)
Wasn't lance a tri-geek early in his career? (nm)
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Yes man (not verified)
Running lance

Yes, Lance has done his share of running. The NYC marathon won't be much of a stretch for him.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Correction: Lance said positively he WAS riding the Tdf in '05

"Alredo reports Armstrong said on Leno he was ""thinking"" about doing the TdF next year. No, he said he WAS going to ride it. ...That he was ""thinking"" about the Marathon.

As for the '05 TdF, you just know the Discovery Channel required a commitment that he ride it before they would sign on as prime team sponsor.


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Chris T. (not verified)
Nothing interesting said by Lance on Leno

Pretty fluff questions posed by Jay. Nothing that we haven't heard before.

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