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Does anyone know if the greenway bike path above West 125th St. where you continue under the trestle and reenter at about 135th street is open at that gate??

I was there on Thursday and it was closed to all bikes. That woman at the gate is really nasty and chased me away before I could find out when/if it will re-open.

She's lowered that car gate a few times on me while I past thru. Gotta be careful when you pass thru there.



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JP (not verified)

"I've been through there a few times recently and you can no longer enter via the car gate. You must now enter east of that gate - 12-15 feet east of the booth is a lane for bikes. It must be some new safety concern for us cyclists?? One of my group strayed through the car gate and was berated.

Yeah, the woman at the booth is tough, but a wave and a ""Hello there"" seem to cox a smile.

Also, what time where you there? I once found the re-entrance to the greenway north of the DOS plant opens at 7 AM, no earlier!

I hope your experience is not a new NO BIKES policy. If a problem, you can always head south again back to 125th and instead of a right back to the water, bear left a bit and climb that 2 block hill to RSD."

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Luke (not verified)
Upper Greenway BP (west Side)


Thanks for your reply. Also, I was beginning to think it was just me that had trouble with that lady at the DOS booth.(LOL).

As to a entrance at 12-15 feet east of the booth--I've never seen that. I asked that nice lady at the booth how to re-enter the upper west side BP and she sent me up to 145th, go left as far as possible and enter that new park. Hmmmm, the new park has a ""NO BIKES ALLOWED"" sign on it!! Yikes..they're out to get me. :) So I asked that lady at the 145th st booth and she told me to go up to B'way, then 158th street and then go left down to the River. Seemed crazy to me--and you just can'trust those ladies who werk in da booths these days. :)

So, I went back to B'way, then to 146 st (I think) left down to RSD up to the GWB-continuing on the RSD, then up to that 181th bridge cross-over and then to my final destination...the Cloisters at the fort. Never went that way before, so it was novel. But the return trip had some dangers! Going south on RSD somewhere around 171 st (a guess), RSD becomes a four lane highway going(North) against the direction I was going (South). Yikes!! I waited until no one was coming and zipped by for a block or two, but then a car in my lane approaching me tried to run me down. No joke!
I had to leap off my bike and hop the curb to get outta the way! I gave them the finger and wished they would back-up so that I could ""square things up"" They didn't. Decided to stay with RSD down to 72, then the Greenway down 23rd st and across to the FDR. Ahhhhhh, home at last--safe & almost sound. :)

You asked....I usually ride thru that DOS booth at 2-3 in the afternoon weekdays.

BTW, that class rides to you lead? I'm looking for people that like late afternoon rides either weekdays or weekends.

Many thanks,


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Carolyn (not verified)
greenway closure

I rode south on the bike path/greenway last Thursday from the GWB and at Riverbank State Park turned back because the gates that we normally ride through were locked and had a sign saying that they would be locked from 12PM on 8/26 until sometime after the convention (I think). I would have taken the stairs up to the park but those gates, too, appeared to be locked. Not seeing any other way to continue south I headed back uptown a few blocks, took another set of stairs and got back on Riverside.

What a hassle.


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cool-luke (not verified)
Greenway closure


Thanks for that info. You must have had a sign north of where I was trying to enter. I was coming up the greenway from the south. I didn't see any sign as I was chased away.

I hope you're right...that after the RNC the greenway will be open again at that spot.

Luke :)

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heath (not verified)
I also had some fun there

I believe the closure was due to construction. I do not think that it had anything to do with the convention.

I also had a spirited conversation with one of the security guards. It would have been nice if better warning of the closing was given.

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