Need an "easy" century route from the Boathouse

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Q: How to ride 100 easy miles departing from the Boathouse?

A: ?????

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Fixer (not verified)

17 laps.

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don (not verified)

or 58.377 lower loops (may as well do a flat century). :)

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Maybel (not verified)
easy century

59th street bridge to Northern Blvd - follow Northern Blvd. . . .

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JP (not verified)
Here come ole flat top

Hmmmmm … Brooklyn-Queens? QB Bridge to QBlvd to Union Tpk to Woodhaven (or Brooklyn B to Myrtle to Woodhaven), Woodhaven becomes Cross Bay to Rockaway, east to Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Pt. Lookout, return through Riis Park or Beach Channel to Marine Park Bridge, to Shore Pkway and back. Pushing 100 miles. Watch out for those bridge climbs :-)

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bw (not verified)

Not easy or flat but head up 9W to bear mtn and back. It's just over 100 miles.

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