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Okay Brooklyn dwellers, what's the best way to get from the upper west side of Manhattan to Prospect Park? I want to attend some of the Kissena races. I've actually ridden there before, but I'm sure someone who actually LIVES in Brooklyn (Dr. Fishkin?) knows a nice, safe, not too traffic-clogged way to get there. And please, don't forget to tell me what bridge you prefer. Thanks!


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seth (not verified)

A slight modification to Geoffry's route. Instead of a right onto Cadman, you can take a left. Cadman turns into Court st. From there you can take a left onto Union and take that directly to Grand Army Plaza. It's just a little quicker.

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JP (not verified)
Alternate from BB

"BROOKLYN BRIDGE TO PROSPECT PARK-from Brooklyn side, end of bridge path
R Tillary 2 blk
L Court St
L Union St 2 blk
R Hoyt St. 2 blk
L Carroll
X bridge
X PP West (9th Ave)
**L Sidewalk 2 blk
R Into PP

R PP West
L 3rd St entrance

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Doug (not verified)

Seth's route is definitely the best way... Union has a nice climb, but, narrow streets and slightly trafficked...Unless you are a real daredevil, then make a left on tillary and a right on Flatbush, which is very wide, but heavy in traffic, and ride a long gradual climb to Grand Army Plaza...

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Geoffrey Radbill (not verified)
Directions - Upper West Side to Prospect Park

Riverside Drive to 73rd Street
Bear right and work your way down to the Hudson River
Bike Path
Hudson River Bike Path South to Chambers Street
Left onto Chambers to the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path (1.4 Miles)
Right onto Tillary (0.1 Miles)
Right onto Cadman Plaza (0.1 Miles)
Left onto Clark (0.1 Miles)
Left onto Henry (1.0 Miles)
Left onto Union (0.9 Miles)
Left onto 4th Avenue (0.1 Miles)
Right onto Sackett (turns into Berkeley) (0.7 Miles)
Right onto Plaza West (0.1 Miles)
Enter Prospect Park

Or if traffic is light:
Left onto Tillary
Right onto Flatbush Avenue
Take Flatbush directly to Prospect Park

Dave, hope that these help!

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David Regen (not verified)
You're the best

Thank you everyone for your help!


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