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Hey! what happend to the hills in Brooklyn? I was looking at your regional hill grades and found nothing in Brooklyn. I know we are comparatively flat, but, I just started riding a couple of years ago and am looking for some local hills to work out on. I live on the west side of Red Hook, all the way by the water. I like riding to and through Prospect park. And I am hoping that these rides would be good worthwhile traing runs as I hope to be joining your club soon and would like to work my way up to riding with your A group.

The ride up to the park is a long hill specifically Union street from 3rd avenue to Grand Army Plaza

or 9th street from 3rd avenue to the park.
There are other grades in and around the park that I would like some info on including:

Riding North on Ocean Avenue starting from Parkside avenue to Flatbush avenue to Grand Army Plaza. then Southwest on Prospect Park West to 9th Street.

Riding North from Parkside Avenue on Prospect Park West to Bartell Pritchard Square.

I hope this info would help some of my brooklyn brothers and sisters also.

Also, Riding North inside the park on the East Drive to Grand Army Plaza.

Any info on these grades would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks , and I hope to be joining you A class riders soon.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Where is Brooklyn?

Just kidding. I was born there. Currently I am so committed to so many things I can't work out your numbers.
Months ago I was asked to compute some hills in Long Island. If the person who asked will please resend them to me I will put them in a folder and try to get to them when things let up. I tried to find them on a search of this message board but failed, probably due to operator error.

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Doug (not verified)
We are located...

...just west of the Brooklyn bridge,,,just kidding.
Hey! thanks for the quick reply. I am still recouping from knee surgery a year ago so there's no big rush. Whenever you do get a chance let me know maybe I can ride along and see how you get the numbers.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Bklyn hills

there are a few decent hills in the Sunset Park area.On my commute home from W/burg to Dyker, I occasionally do the 44th St. hill from 4th Ave to 6th (or is it 7th) Ave.alongside Sunset Park. If you care to add another block, then start @ 3rd Ave. they are quite steep and long,and freshly paved.Once @ the top it's mostly downhill to P/P.(R) on Ft. Hamilton Pkway ,(L) on Coney Island Ave. to the Park. Ciao Tony. PS; Consider using 12th ave ,Ft.Ham.can be a bit tight.2 fast moving lanes and no shoulder.

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ScottD (not verified)
Battle Hill and beyond

"44th is a favorite of mine and probably one of the best steep blocks in Brooklyn between 5th and 6th Ave.

Another fun one is Carroll Street between 4th Ave and Prospect Park West (essentially 9th Ave) – time it right with the signals, a bit of luck with traffic, and you can make it all the way. I’ve only managed it 3X, ever.

Battle Hill is the best undisturbed stretch I know in Brooklyn. It’s staggered slopes are not much compared to what you will find north of NYC, but a few hard-geared intervals will get you going. Mix it up with nearby Prospect Park and you have a couple hours of fun. Obviously, this is best during off times when traffic is light.

Start – 5th Ave at around 31st Street (40’ elev)
R – 24th St (against traffic but very light, if any)
L – 6th Ave
R – 23rd St (at the top, look to the obelisk and crypt in the cemetery, that’s Battle Hill, highest point in Brooklyn at 220')
L – 7th Ave
R – 20th St (“summit” at Prospect Park South at 185’ elev)
BR – McDonald, descend
180turn – Greenwood Ave (70’ elev), watch the traffic but there are wide gaps between the lights.
Go back up to “summit” at Prospect Park South




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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Brooklyn hill grade results

"Hill Grades in Brooklyn

Union St from 3rd Ave to Prospect Park 0.87 mile 132’ 2.9%
Union St from 4th Ave to Prospect Park 0.73 122’ 3.2%
9th St from 3rd Ave to Prospect Park 0.73 122’ 3.2%
Flatbush from Empire to crest near library 0. 60 77’ 2.4%

The other 2 requests you made were not computable as they didn't seem to follow a climb line. If the climb is not continuous the average results are not reflective of the ascent.

And the second request will have to wait but I put it in a folder for later work.

BTW, I compute these grades using software and a simple formula. You don't think Ben and Jerry actually make their ice cream do you?"

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Scott's Hill Grades

"Scott, This is the best I can do on Battle Hill. The Topographic map shows the streets and avenues going down from 23rd and 7th Ave.

44th St from 5th to 6th Ave 0.15 mile 45’ 5.7%
Carroll St from 4th to Prospect West 0.74 120’ 3.1%
31st&5th/24th&5th/24th&6th/23rd&6th/23rd&7th 0.68 130’ 3.6%

Please bear in mind that short distances present inherent inaccuracies on maps.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Long Island Hill Grades

Sometime between a few months and half a year ago someone requested hill grades in Long Island. I can't seem to come up with them on a search of the message board. User error, no doubt. Anyone out there able to find it? Or is the author in the house?

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