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Our train gets into Dover Plains at 9:49 am. If we average 15 mph for 90 miles that is six hours. Plus 2 hours for stops and lunch give us 8 hours. That puts us on the 6:15 pm return train at Wassaic gets to GCT at 8:20.
If you ride faster and average 18 mph (this is a hilly ride) you will do the ride in 5 hours. And, if you can keep your stops and lunch to one and a half hours you could make the 4:21 return train but if you don't you will have to wait for the 6:35 or ride on to catch the same trains at Dover Plains or Wingdale. The problem with the Harlem Line north of Southeast (Brewster North) is that these trains run every 2 hours.
Doing an abbreviated/bailout version of this ride is impractical, unless you don't mind spending 4.5 hours on trains.
Make sure your bike and tires are sound; mechanicals could get you home very late.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
cue sheets available...

Email me if you want to download the cue sheet. It is in Word. I will have 25 printed copies for the ride.

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Jud Hand (not verified)
Thanks for a great ride

This was my first NYCC ride and it was a memorable one: beautiful scenery, challenging climbs, friendly people. Hank, Melissa and Pam, you all did a great job. They say professional cycling is a team sport, but at its best I think recreational cycling should be a team effort as well. People on the ride, not just the leaders, looked out in ways big and small for others who got sick or got lost or simply got tired. I was impressed. This is the way a club ride should be. Thanks.

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Hsnk Schiffman (not verified)

Many thanks to coleaders Melissa and Pam for making this ride a snap for all of us. Also we had a great bunch of riders who made it easy to lead. Not to forget Chris who drove to Millerton after he finished his ride to Dover Plains and picked up the ailing Rich. How did Chris know that he was needed? I will never know.
Total ascent? I do know it was 3400' without Skiff Mtn. The speed pick up on the unit is broken.

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Thank you

Ditto Hank's comments. I think the club-mensch of the year award definitely belongs to Chris.

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