B15 Tale Vale Ride 8/21/04

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We will probably go; however, If weather turns south I will post notice on message board b/4 7:30 AM tomorrow, If forecast stays as it is now (57.3% chance of rain on & off) & pavement is dry at 7:15 AM - we will go.
As this ride has no bailout points I will ask the group to be flexible re the weather during the ride i.e. if sky looks threatening we may skip lunch head home, or we may cut ride short b/4 that, or we may duck for cover at strip mall, or who knows! Bring you sense of adventure & your common sense..... mark

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Scott (not verified)

When do you expect this ride to be back at the Boathouse?

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Mark Gelles (not verified)

On a group ride it is difficult to give you a E.T.A. as it's a function of the group, weather, mechanicals etc. Having said that my best guess (don't hold me to it ) is 3 PM NY side of GWB.

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