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The trip is on! We have sign-ups and many inquiries.

Many people are asking about transportation to Northampton and looking to share driving expenses, so I figured it was best to start a thread about it to bring people together.

I have a car. It's a Honda Hatchback. I usually put 2 bikes in the hatch with padding. That way I can fit one other person in the car. If I use my bumper rack, which holds 3 bikes, I can fit 3 passengers. That's 4 people and 3 bikes. If someone has a folding bike and we all pack light, we can fit the folder behind the back seat with the luggage. It's been done. It's tight, but it all fits.

I'm planning on leaving on Friday, September 3 between noon and 2:00 p.m. If no one else can leave that early, I can be a bit flexible– I hate to drive alone.

I checked out Peter Pan Bus Lines website. They go to Northampton. They take packages, as in shipping. I would call and ask about bikes if you plan on using them. They have taken them in the past. At one time even unboxed, but that was years ago and things may have changed. They seem to share their route with Gray Hound. I don't know if the different companies have different bike policies. Their website is:

As far as I know, AMTRAK no longer takes unboxed bikes. They take boxed bikes as checked baggage. I think they stop in Amherst. Check with Amtrak for schedules.

In the past, Al at ride Noho has said he could arrange to pick people up at Amherst if they came up via train. I'd check with him if you want to take the train.

As I recall, some of the local bus lines have bike racks. There may be one that links Northampton and Amherst.

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Maureen (not verified)

Hi Bill--

I would be happy to keep you company (and share expenses)on the ride to Northampton...I pack light, too. Let me know if you still have space.


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Steve (not verified)
Have space in my car

I have space in my car too and am looking for a rider to drive up with.

I also have a 2-door hatchback and can fit atleast one rider and bike. I live in Washington Heights and would prefer to leave anytime except peak rush hour (5-6:30). I can leave as early as Noon and as late as 8PM.

Let me know if you need a ride


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