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I took a nasty spill this weekend. Anyone know a good bike shop on the east side? I want to take it in to make sure everything is O.K.

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Alan Resnick (not verified)
East 62nd street store--- Heaven bike

small and little known store-but a good mechanic and nice people-Heaven Bike 62nd between 1st and 2nd-closer to 1st ave-south side of street- Carlos is the owner--it is NOT a pro shop-but has a spattering of high end stuff, but mostly does repairs and minor changes like wheel building etc. Nice tuoch is the turn around is faster than the usual high end stores try it

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Sue (not verified)

I brought my bike over to Carlos last night! thank you! They said my bike was out of alignment and they neeed to keep it over night. I always wonder if they are telling the truth with stuff like that... but you trust these guys?

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Carlos has a core base of customers that follows him all over the city every time he moves his shop.

IOW, the answer to your question is YES!

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Doug Kalb (not verified)
Bicycle Heaven, East 62nd-great shop

I've gone out of my way to buy from Carlos at Bicycle Heaven for many years, going back to his former stores, CNC Bicycle Works & Big Apple Bicycles.
While he may not have ALL the high end stuff, he can get it & he's always been great to do business with.
This is why he has a very loyal customer base of very high end cyclists. I live on the UES & went out of my way to go to his shop when he was in the west 50's, in the past.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
bike shop

sue, sorry to hear.
sid's on E34th btw 2nd - 3rd. is excellent.
also, remember, you might need a new helmet if your head hit the ground.
they can check it for you.


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