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I'm taking my bike in a hard shell case on an airplane trip.

Can anyone recommend an insurance policy I can purchase to exceed the airline's limited liability in the event of damage / loss of the bike?

You can reply to my personal e-mail if you like.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Damage to personal belongings is often covered under renter's or homeowner's insurance, so I would check that policy first. Be aware that you're likely to have a $500 deductible or so, though.

Enjoy your trip!

- Christian

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hannah (not verified)
hard to find

"When I took my bike to France recently, I checked with my renter's insurance and found that they did not cover airline loss or damage (unless the loss was due to theft). Then I checked with my trip insurance policy and found that the amount they cover for baggage (something like $250 or $500) was not close to the cost of the bike + bike stuff + case + other luggage. Then I checked with the airline and was told that I could fill out an ""excess value"" form at check-in and pay for extra insurance, which would cost about 10% of the total excess value. They weren't sure whether the 10% would cover one way or round-trip.

At this point I decided just to pack my bike well and trust that things would work out, which they did.


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