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He has now cycled in all 50 states. Next year he hopes to finish the Canadian provinces. He has also cycled in almost all regions & territories of France, Italy, Australia & New Zealand in addition to parts of about about 40 more countries. (in the past 20 years about 100,000 miles=30,000,000 knee flexes/pedal strokes!)

We (&the mini bike/touring museum) are moving to Piermont in the next few weeks. After we are completely unpacked in late Autumn, we are looking forward to visits from NYCC riders.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Go, Jay, go! Soon there will be no more of the world left for you to conquer. Good luck to you both with the move! Rick

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Tim Andon (not verified)
Jay & the world!

Your living what a lot of us would love to do. Happy riding Jay.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
new frontier's

jay, since you've covered the world the only 2 places left to go are iraq and the moon.
president bush might want you to be the ambassador of good riding, either place. the only frontiers left for you.
great riding.
your jealous friend,

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