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"Today's freebie ""Metro"" has a short blurb about a court case involving nudist camps. Included is a pic of two girls (shot from behind, wearing towels) on a tandem.

- are there nudist-compliant cleats?
- are helmets violation of nudist ethics?
- are nudists more Schwebber-prone?
- if nudists don't have rear pockets, where do they keep their stuff?
- if nudists wear shoes to engage the pedals, shorts to protect from road-rash, jersies to carry stuff and helmets to protect their heads, are they still nudists?

(BTW, from the pic, it looks like the ""captain"" has the ball of her bare foot properly positioned over the pedal, while ""stoker"" is pedaling with her arch.)

Any Montenegrin wisdom here?"

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George Arcarola (not verified)
a few thoughts...

Just a few of my own thoughts:
1) There ARE nudist compliant cleats, but my doctor says they REALLY hurt to put on.
2) The only helmet you could wear to retain nudist status must be completely transparent.
3) I don't believe that nudists are MORE Schwebber-prone, but it's TOO painful to contemplate where a nudist might get Schwebbered.
4) You don't want to know where a nudist keeps their stuff.
5) Lastly, nudity may only be a state of mind!

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Etoain (not verified)
Nudity and Raisehellfrida the Mud Maiden

"Raisehellfrida the Mud Maiden once rode nude through Montengro. It was beautiful. Not Raisehellfrida. Even nude she was hard to look at, and she had't bathed for weeks.

What was beautiful was the road. Motorists pulled over, rolled up their windows, held their noses and covered their eyes. It was clear pedaling for 10 miles.

Raisehellfrida coined her own saying, ""Nudity is a state of mind. But mud is tangible.""

Personally, I would rather have twice the state of mind and half the tangibility.

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrd"

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