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Does anyone have a bicycle shop to recommend in Brooklyn (Park Slope/Prospect Heights), specifically for service on road bikes?

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Gary Katz (not verified)
Brooklyn Shops


In Park Slope proper, R and A, 5th Avenue in Lincoln Place, has lots of racing things. I dont know how they are regarding prices, etc, with enthusiast level bikes; never actually shopped there.

I bought a Giordana jersey at a nice price at ""On the Move"", 7th Avenue in the low teens...not sure what they service, but they're very nice people.

I've been going to Verazzano, 5th and 74th in Bay Ridge for 5 years...very happy with their service. The owner is named Tomas.

Also, another place I never checked out is on Vanderbilt around Bergen or St. Marks...but I forgot their name.

Hey, thats the best I can do for now.

Speaking of Brooklyn, come to my Marine Park 40 mile B16 on 9/26.

Check the various websites....nycc, 5bbc, transalt, for others shops...including those who offer discounts to club members.


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Gordo (not verified)


Don't go to R&A. They will rip you off. Their prices are extremely high. I have, for the last 3 years, tried to purchase many accessories and repairs there, but I find that there prices are often 30-40% higher than other shops in the area.

In addition I have also found that their customer service is sub-par - unless, of course, you have a $10,000 Serotta Ottrot, which I don't. Then they'll treat you like a king. If your bike is less than stellar or if you don't have an existing friendship with the staff, don't expect much attention.

I wish I could say that this is based on an isolated incident, but it has been my experience EVERY time I used to go in there. So I stopped.

The shop on Vanderbilt to which Gary Katz is referring is called ""Brooklyn Bicycle Station"" It's at 560 Vanderbilt Avenue near Dean Street. The owner/mechanic Mike Rodriguez is friendly, knowledgable and able. Don't expect to walk in there and find a squeeky-clean white-glove shop, however. This is a down-and-dirty bike shop where people are mostly buying 20-year-old junkers or piecing together cool fixed-gear machines. But Mike will hook you up. He's a good guy and knows his stuff.

If you want to take a bit of a hike, I would otherwise recommend Sid's Bike Shop on 33rd St on the East Side or Gotham Bikes on Hudson St in Tribeca or even Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette in SoHo.

Good luck.

- Gordo"

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

"I LOVE R&A. One of my English friends is jealous we have this shop. If you are looking for a high end item ... they will be your best bet.

You can experience unfriendliness at any bike shop. I've always had good luck at R&A though. I haven't had any work done on my bike there - just made purchases.

All shops are different. So, if you wanted something ""hard to get,"" they are the shop who will most likely have it.

For servicing bikes, I trust Sammy at Gotham. Gotham is pretty quick to get your bike looked at. Conrad's is another good shop for service.

There is a shop called Mr. C's in Brooklyn. I've never been there but a good friend who has many high-end road bikes likes that shop.

diane goodwin"

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Ellen (not verified)
found it at R&A

I have to second Diane. Needed an FSA compact haste.
No one had em 'cept R&A.....with correct crank length yet.

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Jeff (not verified)
R & A

I don't like R & A. I think that they are unfriendly and expensive. I purchased my Trek 5000 (not a cheap bike by any stretch)from them a few years ago and their customer service is not good, their attitude bad.

I go to Bicycle Station as it is in my neighborhood also and Mike is very friendly, but if I want anything serious done I usually go to Gotham in downtown Manhattan.

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Scott (not verified)
My R&A experience

I have only been there a couple of times, but two different salepeople had no idea what they were talking about. One tried to tell me that there are rider weight limits on Bebop Deluxe pedals, the other actually walked off and left me on my own after he could not answer my questions on road shoes. I have problems trusting a staff that does not know their products.

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Joao (not verified)

"I also have had bad experiences with R&A. There was a thread on nyc.bicycles recently regarding them, and it looks like a lot of other people out there have also had bad experiences. See

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Avery L. Washington (not verified)
Mr. C's

Mr.C's located on 7th Ave & 45th Street in Bklyn, check them out.


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Bike shops

Roys Sheepshead Cycles
Coney Island Ave between X & Y
Lots of stuff. Entry level through pro.
I do my own mechanical work, so can't say if they're good or not.

When I've compared them to Nashbar, they were darn close in price, sometimes less.

I have not been there recently– they're on the other end of Brooklyn from where I live.

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Debbie Friedman (not verified)

"I've had bad experiences at R&A every time, whether I was shopping for a new bike or needed a repair. I only go there if I'm in a hurry and they have what I need in stock.

I've been going to Mike at Bicycle Station for years and Open Road before that. I've found his work excellent and reliable -- only caveat: ""don't be in a hurry."""

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